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Britain-flagFor English translation. click! : Pearl Razor Handlers2

Again, from left to right, the shaving heads of Pearl:

  1. The model ‘ Ten Rings ‘, incisive ornaments that give a great grip and grip to this type of decoration on the handle
  2. The black model lis or, very English style similar to the E & J
  3. The Rombos model , almost hypnotic like a kaleidoscope
  4. Again another model ‘ Ten Rings ‘, in Solomonic column
  5. The very traditional ‘ Diamond Head ‘ or nail model, and the
  6. ‘ Perspective ‘ model with great visual impact and elegance

Obviously all the models fit and thread in the heads of the razors, which each one chooses according to its aggressiveness, the type of beard and the own taste

Although it is not possible at this time, although it is not a problem because these shavers are very economical, once the head is chosen, it should be possible to buy, loose, another handle, to replace, the one we like and more adept in our style

Tomorrow we will publish about the short mangos. All of these are of a standard leng

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