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Britain-flagFor English translation. click! : Pearl Razor Handlers3

Models of Handles for Pearl shavers:

  1. The ‘Cruces’ model, the one with the highest grip and best grip of all the collection
  2. The model Solomonic Column thin
  3. The Six Rings model, short
  4. The Golden model, short, type A
  5. The model Gold, short, type B (gold champagne)

The short models against which I had a certain prejudice, have turned out to be not only very comfortable models, but the razor fits in a small plastic box where the stone comes from, and for a trip or displacement is the best way to transport Item

Pearl has some bluish plastic case, also good for the other models of handles, the longest, but this combination of small box with short handle and razor head has been my favorite, for short shifts, to wear my shaving equipment

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  1. Здравствуйте,ручки очень красивые,добавьте возможность выбирать разные ручки к разным головам бритвы,это очень понравится клиентам.
    Спасибо,буду ждать этой возможности.

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