Pearl Shaving Double Edge Safety Razor SS-04 (Open Comb,Chrome)

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Pearl Shaving Double Edge Safety Razor SS-04 (Open Comb, Chrome)


Pearl shaving system specially designed for a close and comfortable shave

Product Details: Color: CHROME; Height: 10.5cm; Weight: 85m; head type: Open comb (Brass and Special Zinc alloy)

Package Includes: 1Piece Safety Razor & 1Piece Microfiber Cloths; Made in India

1 review for Pearl Shaving Double Edge Safety Razor SS-04 (Open Comb,Chrome)

  1. Karan Kanal

    After 20 plus years of wet shaving, my search for the perfect double edge razor ends here. The smoothest shave ever without a single nick or cut and absolutely no skin irritation. I have tried a lot of international brands which also cost around 10 to 15 times the cost of this humble razor but they failed to impress me the way this one does. The handle is heavy and perfectly balanced, hence there is absolutely no need to apply any pressure. I don’t see any reason why a beginner wouldn’t be able to use this product. The open comb allows a good amount of lather into the grooves hence making the blade glide so easily. A single pass is good enough for a decent shave and if you do 2 to 3 passes you will get a BBS shave. Even after 3 passes there is zero skin irritation. They do provide a pack of 10 blades which is an added bonus at such a reasonable price of 299. I’m actually going to buy another one to gift my son when he starts shaving, so he doesn’t have to try several razors before he finds the perfect one. If everyone switches to these vintage style razors we could reduce so much plastic waste produced by disposable and cartridge type razors. Truly old is gold.
    This razor is definitely going to last you a lifetime, so don’t think twice and just go for it. It’s a steal deal at this price. Just one tip, please lather up really well before you shave and also be careful not to drop the razor. However good the quality maybe, most razors of this kind cannot survive a drop and the handle may break into two. Its like any other tool…you treat it with care and it will give you the best service. It feels nice that such an amazing product is made in India and is capable of taking on its foreign competitors with such ease. Keep up the good work Madhav Metal Industries/Pearl Shaving.

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