Safety Razor L-55 (Close comb+Open Comb)-Chrome

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Pearl The Double Edge Men’s/Boy’s Safety Razor L-55



  • 1 Material: Handle made of brass metal with Premium Chrome
  • 2 Heavy Brass metal safety razor with prefect traditional look design.
  • 3 excellent balance for shaving, Best grip for regular users and beginners.
  • 4 Pearl shaving system specially designed for a close and comfortable shave
  • 5 Product Details: Color: Chrome; Height:10cm; Weight: 105gm; head type: Close comb+ Open comb (Special Zinc alloy)
  • 6 Package Includes:- 1Piece Safety Razor & 1Piece Microfiber Cloths.
  • Made in India

2 reviews for Safety Razor L-55 (Close comb+Open Comb)-Chrome

  1. Nishant Ashar (verified owner)

    Very nice ,smooth, no cuts , niks ,or burning sensation afterwards, works with any DE blades, Best razor I have ever used, Nice and heavy, artistic look , no problem in doing with the grain against the grain . Its a Must buy.

  2. Unni (verified owner)

    Got this yesterday. Very carefully packed and nice packing. Tried the closed comb today with supermax platinum plus blade. Perfect. Smooth shave, no cuts, burns or nicks. Did only one pass along grain, it is sufficient for daily use. Optimum angle finding was easy and natural. Recommend for beginners and experienced. Mild to medium aggression, towards the milder side. Beginners or those switching from cartridges (like me) should meticulously follow the preparatory things like pre shave wash with warm water, good brush and slick lather, etc. Excellent product, go for it. (open comb head i have not tried)

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