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Pearl Flexi razor is all set to leave its mark as a game-changer in the whole wet shaving world. This innovative piece of the razor is made of 100% Brass & 100% CNC machine process. Each razor will come up with its own unique serial number which will differ from razor to razor. It is a two-piece adjustable razor suitable for both beginners as well as experienced ones. This razor has multiple 6 digit setting numbers which is “1-6” with 1 being the mildest & 6 being aggressive. It can be used in all types of skin including sensitive or not so sensitive. These Custom settings varies from one individual to another as per their beard growth, their experience & preferences. With this razor, we recommend blades of Willy’s, Wilkinson sword & Supermax platinum plus to get you the perfect shave.

This razor has it all what a perfect shaver would always demand & worth every penny! The supremely creative pearl Flexi will work wonders in your shaving routine & the luxurious feeling after the outcomes will reveal the hidden gentleman in you.


Razor Details

  • Razor Total Height: 90 MM
  • Razor Handle Height: 83 MM
  • Razor Type: Two pieces razor
  • Razor Head Type: Close Comb.
  • Razor Weight: 130 Gram*
  • Blade Gap: 0.35 MM – 1.40MM

Package contents

Flexi razor 1 U,
50 pcs. Premium  Blade
Cleaning cloth 1 U,
User guide 1 U,
Warranty card 1 U

7 reviews for Pearl Flexi Adjustable Safety Razor PRE-BOOKING

  1. Jayakrishna Bhat

    The Best Deal
    At first look… after opening box… Surprised with its beauty. On hand feels its great built quality. After loading a blade.. it looks aggressive razor. BEAST !! My first shave started with little care and scare. But completed fantastic. Great shaving journey started after first and later shaves. I am very satisficed with its craftsmanship. I am very happy with its performance. Its size, weight everything perfect. Adjusting knob smooth only on adjusting time. Its smoothness not rotate by accidental touch on shaving time. Little bit sad is… what I do with my other razors. Because this is my daily driver.
    No compromised with quality, packaging….. finally delivering to customer. All in top.
    So this is best deal

  2. Marco De Marzi

    A great razor indeed. At the unboxing, as sono I had the razor in my hand I could feel the weight of the razor. At 130 grams is quite heavy but since I love heavy razors I was already pleased!
    My first shave has been wondwerful. Two passes and it was absolutely smooth. The grip is good and efficiency – I used it at gap 3- astonishing. Beats any other adjustable razor I had. I used it first time with an already used blade since I was a little wary but it came out as I had used a brand new one. Can’t wait to test it with a more performing blade. A razor that is definitively the best I own ( and I do own other Pearl razors , a SSH-02 and a SBF-12 loving them both). There are no cons in this great piece of machinery, only minor issues : it tends to clog a little with soap (but I do use a lot of pre-Shave cream) and I am worried about letting it properly dry in the inside channel, not having the razor any hole on the handle bottom. Just hope that water does not remain inside rusting the spring mechanism. However it seems built to last decades! And I hope that! At the end, it’s a wonderful item and I can’t recommend it enough to all lovers of traditional wear shave. Five star to me! Thanks Pearl Shaving, a job very well done!

  3. Sandeep H Ramaiya

    Hi Flexi Razor Manufacturers….As I am new to wet shaving this was my first hands in such a razor…till now have been using cartridge razor’s so when I ordered it was something which I felt would a great experience to try but when the razor came I just opened it….and seeing I was surprised to see such a small beast packed in a very cozy box and lifting it was and seeing and feeling the razor was very nice…then the main thing came shaving for first time with a wet razor….but frankly telling the feeling was such nice and fantastic which I can’t express in words…razor is heavy and it just glides like butter in the face….with no cuts or burns,my first experience witha wet razor and that also flexi was very good and nice….
    Customer care and staff also hats off to all..
    Thank you very much

  4. Patrik

    I’m a very experienced wet shaver and I have owned close to a hundred different razors and I must say that I’m very impressed with the manufacturing quality of this razor. Excellent presentation and it’s a beautiful razor. I call it the sledgehammer because of its weight and the feel.
    World class support from the Pearl support team, quick answers and doing all they can to keep the customer happy.

  5. Nader Daou

    I’ve been trying this razor over the past week. Good quality & nice weight comparable with the Rex Ambassador. More efficient than Parker Variant at the gap setting of 3. Not difficult to shave in normally troublesome area like under the nose (better than parker in this area). It feels very natural & easy to maneuver for both new & experienced wet shavers.

  6. Alksandr

    This is great and quality razor!
    Very efficient and comfortable even in the lowest position!

  7. Sil

    I want to buy Flexi razor … price + shipping Italy? Warranty?

    • psadmin

      Price is 69 USD & It has 5 years of warranty!

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