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The brand ‘PEARL’ means treasure, name only is describes the quality of our products.

The Best service provider with an ISO 9001 Certified,Pearl Shaving has been successfully produced to the varied requirements of diverse industries like from Personal Care Products to Hardware Goods of Brass & Metals located at Gujarat, India.We are the renowned ‘MADHAV METAL INDUSTRIES‘ group engaged in manufacture, supply and export of Shaving products, Brass products, and metal parts since two decades.

Pearl, India’s premier men’s grooming establishment, specializes in high-quality, luxurious shaving accessories. Founded in 1990, Pearl’s recognized the need for the refined men’s grooming experience tailored by stylists who understand the real needs of men.

We have been India’s largest leading manufacturers, offering the best of men’s shaving products, and accessories for everyday life you won’t find anywhere else. We offer men’s grooming products wide range includes men’s safety razors, shaving brush, shaving cream and shaving accessories like travel gear, stands, racks and beard combs along with best range of small to big stand and complete shaving sets which are the perfect gifting products for all the men in your life whether your partner, father, brother or friend.

We work hard to offer the most excellent shaving and personal care products from long-established brands under the one name, at unbeatable prices.

Our goal is to give every man the complete shaving experience with products to suit individual styles, enhancing the shaving and grooming experience and providing the perfect personal care products. We want to make every man look, feel, and exude the part of a classic gentleman.

Fast forward a decade and thousands of clients serviced, the award-winning Pearl’s brand has developed a custom-made line of highly functional shaving products, featuring every essential the discerning man desires. Using quality ingredients and made in India with real stylist input, the Pearl’s grooming line is produced to suit discerning men’s needs.


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We’re continuously exploring the world to bring you carefully crafted luxury shaving products and accessories. We’re also proud to provide our Pearl Shaving Products with affordable high-performing accessories.

We bring the best of the world to you.Our products are chosen to delight our customers. All our brands share common traits: high-quality products with a respected reputation.

We carry the BRANDS for you, are Classic and affordable to the luxurious and hard-to-find.

We found using the right tools will transform these necessary —but often dreary— chores into enjoyable and relaxing activities that every man can appreciate. Whether people are fan of traditional products or are looking to try something new and modern, our collection has it all.

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