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Shaving Steps


To get your skin prepared for shaving, first wash your face. As soon as you have a thought about shaving, hydrate your face to wash away dirt & replenish the lost smoothness. Make sure you use warm water, which damps facial hair & opens pores for easier shave.


Use a Pre-shave oil or Pre-shave scrub to help soften facial hair prior to shaving. Beard hair tends to be rougher in texture so soften your beard by pre shaves. Softening beard also tames scraggly hairs so that entire beard can get ready for easy shave.


Wet your brush with warm water. Take an almond size bit of shaving cream to the brush. Either sink your brush in shaving cream or you can take some cream manually with fingers & can apply in brush. Spread the cream all over your face where you are going to shave. Cream helps in soothing beard hairs & secures less friction between blade and skin. The right shaving cream will nourish the skin and reduce nicks and cuts.


After applying pre-shave & shaving cream, start shaving the top most section of your beard which is cheeks. To get the proper razor angle, Put the top of the razor head directly on your cheek, with the handle parallel with the floor. You should always start with top section and then gradually go downwards so that shaving can be done in the right direction of hair growth! This is said to be the most appropriate way of shaving!


When you are pacing downwards, tilt your head back to stretch the skin on your neck. This will force the hairs on your neck to stand upright, allowing you to get a closer shave with less burning and cutting. To make the skin on your neck & chin even tauter, pull on your skin with your free hand while using your other hand to shave. Although you can pull your skin in either direction to make it taut, most people have more success pulling the skin on their neck downward rather than upward. REMEMBER, to be extra gentle near the sensitive skin especially above and below the lips and neck area.


Always go for second pass to get the most closer shave and to shave left over tiny hairs. Second pass will remove what first pass couldn’t. Also, to get a closer shave, pull your skin taut with your free hand before each stroke. Just remember to focus on your shave without any distractions and you will be rewarded with a shave that will kick-start your day like nothing can.


At last, come to your upper lips to shave if you are not a mustache kind of person! To shave the upper lip, apply shaving cream there and use razor to shave in the direction of hair growth. Pull the upper lip down while shaving to keep the skin taut and create a cleaner shave.  Take care to avoid shaving over any spots or cuts. Remember to be more gentle as your lip area is quite sensitive.


So, when you are done with shaving, it’s time to rejuvenate and refresh your skin with some post shave balms or lotion to bring the lost moisture back. Use post shave so you are better not left with that after razor dryness.


Now when you are done with your whole shaving regimen, It’s time for your razor and brush to get cleansed like yourself.

Razor – To clean your razor, simply rinse it under running water, Rinse the pieces, wipe down with a cloth if you want to and put your razor in razor stand or in any vertical position so that all the water from the razor parts can come out and it can air dry.

Brush –  Run your shaving brush under some cold water. Use your fingers to separate the soap out of bristles. Squeeze the excess water from the brush and hang the Brush in the stand in upside down position so that it can get dry.

Note that you don’t need to use detergents or harsh soaps for neither razor nor brush.

Systematically following all the steps of shaving can get you the perfect shave you have always dreamt of ‼

Have a happy shaving folks! 🙂


Safety razors had been invented almost a century ago, and since then it also evolved a lot in many manners but the basic is still basic. You still twist off the top, insert a double edged blade onto the razor body, and seal the top. And, That’s exactly are the perks of the safety razor and there’s really no point of reinventing the wheel. It is a myth that you need 5 or so blades to get a closer shave. What if I tell you that you can get a much closer shave with a single blade and that’s too with lower price! A single blade means less stress on your skin. Never leave the house with neck rash again. You only need to experience once and then you will stick to safety razors forever!

  • So here are the pros & cons pros of safety razor !!


First of all, just blow away the thought that more blades mean more effectiveness. Multi blade razors will leave you with more than one passes in one stroke as there is more than one blade but still you will count it as one stroke and nothing is more troublesome for skin than these one after another blade passes. More blades lead to only more irritation to your skin. Just one blade in safety razor will give you the most closer shave. A single, sharp blade and a clean safety razor is all you need for the better and smoother shave !


    In this way you can save, 3380-1432= 1948 RS. a year, and in 20 years you save 38,960 rupees! Now that’s one way to put more change in your pocket! Spend wisely! 🙂


Shaving is an artful process that is being passed down from generation to generation. You have learnt it from your father and your father has learnt from your grandfather. And that’s how the tradition continues. It was grounded so many years back and our ancestors have given this tradition to us. This is so rooted & so basic process that shaving with a safety razor mirrors the way where tasks are done with craftsmanship and it unfolds deliberately.



Thousands of people throw away thousands of disposable razors.  According to EPA, billions of disposable razor end up like this in land field every year. This is such a terrible environmental issue which harms in the most dangerous way to our climate. When, safety razors are eco-friendly and are recyclable. Also, the razor itself lasts a lifetime. With cartridge & disposable razor you are throwing away a lot of plastic each time. By swapping to safety razor, you can lower the bad impact on environment. You alone can’t recover all the bad impacts in climate, but you can start making positive ones. Start with yourself. ☻


When you shave with cartridge razor, the hairs will clog all over between every blade and it really becomes tough to clean it all in between blades. Due to less hygiene the germs will stay in the blade and will not clean up properly. The outcomes of using such unhygienic razor are really negative for one’s skin health. When you use a safety razor, all you have to do when you have finished shaving is detach the blade and wash off the razor and blade with normal water. It’s quite easy to wash the razor as there’s only one blade. Simply washing away a blade and razor will clean out all the dirt clogged in razor. It’s so much cleaner and hygienic to use them again. A nicely cleaned & germ free razor keeps it fresh & performs at its optimal level. So for now on, do a favor to your skin health and choose a safety razor!

Types of Safety Razor Head


                  In a world full of choices, you are getting plenty of choices from razor to razor, And, from razor head to razor head also!! Yes, there is a different kind of razor heads to suit in different skin and beard. Some of them are suitable for all kind of skin and beard when some are not suitable for sensitive ones. Some may be suitable for every shaver when some may not be suitable for beginners. But, there is every kind of head types for each and every kind of shaver in the world. See through the types below to find your type!


The open comb is a much more direct shave, with many admirers considering it to be the most direct double edge razor existing. The teeth, whilst not sharp, constructively channel beard and hair to the blade, whilst allowing more lather to remain on the face. The opencomb construction allows shaving debris, bristles and lather to pass through without blocking the blade. Open combs are a more particularised products. If you have very flat whiskers and a consistent beard, but sensitive skin or if you are a seldom-shaver, then you may choose open comb razors as they can offer a cleaner shave with less effort without irritating the skin. This design is to apply more pressure to the edge of the blade compared to the usual straight bar design. They are typically more aggressive and are used for thicker and tougher beards. Ultimately, the open comb razor head has a row of teeth running in a length of the razor blade just below it. They help to guide the hair of your beard and allow the finer shave, as the blade is more exposed. Open comb razors are recommended to experienced ones only and not for beginners as the aggression level is too much to be handled by a beginner.


The word “safety” in safety razor really works in closed comb razor. It provides the safest shave among all. The bottom plate of a closed comb razor is designed with a flat edge that typically has grooves in it; it’s referred to as ‘closed’ because the safety edge has no gaps or teeth. The flat edge of the bottom plate keeps the skin stretched tightly across the bar whilst shaving, providing a ”safer” shave. A closed comb safety razor is perfect for all wet shavers, both beginners and experienced users alike. It is the razor best suited for daily basic shaving routine. Although, this is not for those who seeks greater aggression. The close comb razor has little divots along the bar, but the bar is fundamentally straight. Close comb razor minimizes the risk of nicks and cuts as its very much less aggressive.


Twist to Open Double Edge Safety Razors are decent, Prompt and safe to use. This razor uses the traditional patented “butterfly” opening mechanism to quickly change blades. You can simply twist the knob to open, insert the new blade then close so that blades can secure firmly. The butterfly opening makes it easy to facilitate cleaning and also makes us able to epilate under shower also. The butterfly safety razor utilizes an easy twist-to-open mechanism so that blade replacement becomes easier. These safety razors provide a superior shave and are nostalgic of the safety razors of the past.


Two-piece safety razors are designed to have the cutting head unbind from the rest of the razor in the sake of exchanging old blades for new ones. The cutting head has a long bar with a screw at the end that is inserted into the handle. Safety razor maintenance and cleaning is easier on the two-piece compared to other safety razors, but way more difficult than a three-piece safety razor due to the fact that the safety bar and lower headpiece is permanently attached to the handle. Two-piece safety razor has been loved by many wet shavers as the blade maintenance is quite easy. The head is made of single piece which includes a threaded rod that typically inserts into the handle between 25% and 50% down the shaft. Although, two-piece design has not as flexible moving parts as twist to open safety razor. Due to less flexibility, do not over tighten headpiece or knobs.


An adjustable razor allows you to adjust the aggressiveness of the razor by adjusting the gap between the blade and the guard. The blade gap changes the exposure of the razor blade to the skin to create a milder or a more aggressive shave. The great pro is that you can set different levels every time as per needs, you can set it as per your shaving area, on which pass you are, and on how long it’s been when you had shave and also on how much you want to shave. Adjustable razor saves you from switching out on one razor to another as you are getting all the features in one!

                At last, we advise freshers of wet shaving to start from easy ones and less aggressive, then get experience of every edge and move out from there for some great new edges. Razor head preferences varies from each skin, each beard and each ones’ endurance level, so one has enough choices to go for. Hope it helped those who is seeking their kind of head type, and kindly pass it to those who might be finding theirs.

The only thing we care about is the quality of our ingredients, everything else is just noise!

Pearl Flexi razor is made for those who believe in quality! There are very few razors which is made of only premium quality components which lasts forever. No ordinary components have been used in this which do have a short life. It is an eternal luxury! As Somethings are once in a lifetime kind of and there is no update after it!



Existing adjustable razors are mostly made of zamak (zinc) alloys. Such zinc alloyed razor heads loose its quality after a time & no longer provides a good shave. While, Pearl Flexi razor is made of only Brass which never fades its quality even after ages.  


Other adjustable razors in the market are made by Molding Process. In this Process, Quality will fade by each piece & there are chances that the quality and accuracy might dim after some batches. While, Pearl Flexi Razor is made from CNC Process, which requires establishment of heavy machinery & It gives same accuracy in each piece processed, FROM TOP TO TOE, thoroughly same quality in every piece processed by CNC.


                Brass is one of the metals that is highly resistant to corrosion and it just won’t rust.  Brass & CNC processed tools are always long lasting than any other metal or process. So, its long life is bigger than the price! Adjustable razors in the market has zamak alloyed heads which has short life. So, if it seems pricy, It’s really not as its benefits outweigh the cost!

Have you calculated yet?

                As CNC process costs much higher, the rate of such things seems high than others. Very few companies in the world make fully brass & CNC processed razor. If you figure out, comparatively we have very low price than them! On the other hand, if you analyze, buying this one time will cost lesser than looking for new razors every now and then!! Calculate precisely & Do not settle for anything less!

Pearl Flexi Adjustable Safety Razor


This artistic razor is entirely made of Brass only and no zinc or anything has been used other than brass. Very rare companies throughout the world do produce such piece which is made of only brass & Steel. Each piece has unique serial number which demonstrates its singular identification.  Brass & CNC Processing is quite High-priced & Heavy Machines are established to work on such manufacturing. That is the only reason it seems costlier than ordinary ones in the market, but on the other hand, Such Component like Brass bring out 100% accuracy & the results are beyond expectations!


Majority of razors in the market are made of Zinc alloys. Zinc alloys are made of pressure die-casting in which you can’t get 100% accuracy and leaves you unsatisfied with your experience. While pearl flexi and its head is made of brass only which will commit 100% accuracy. Very few razors are made in this way, that it has only & only rich component. we source the best brass the market has to offer & Our extraordinary forging will guarantee you get a fantastic shave every time.


It has 3-layer plating & It is Tried & Tested with 48 hours of salt spray to prove that it lasts forever! It has a unique Matt Finish that displays the everlasting beauty of this! The triple-plated finish will give you uncompetable results!

 It is a two-piece adjustable razor which come up with 1 to 6 serial numbers which you can set according to your beard growth. 1 is the mildest & 6 is aggressive, if you are a beginner 1 is most recommended for the best ease & with your experience you can gradually go for 2nd, 3rd … & 6 after time. According to your beard growth you can set this numbers, if it’s been days you haven’t had a shave, you can set it on 4/5/6 Or if you had shave recently, you can set it on 1/2/3. It has ‘Too good to believe’ feature which is you can go halfway as well like 1.5,2.5…. Till 5.5 if round figures are not fit in your case!

    It is for every man, as it provides every setting for beginners as well as proficient ones. It is the ‘ALL IN ONE’ kind of razor. You should expect nothing but the finest performance in the tools that you use!


                   With great procedures, comes great validity! This masterpiece comes with 5 years of warranty and if any mechanical problem arises, we have got you covered to bring it back to you as it was first! If you take good care of it, it can last forever!

                           Quality is what we build our reputation on and we stand behind everything we make. We take pride in our razors and want you to feel the same pride & satisfaction for having it!


It’s the summer time and everyone’s excited. All of you must be gearing up to travel and rejoice with your family and make up the best of your leisure time these holidays. So, have you got everything you need in your travel kit? What about your shaving kit? You need to get all of your shaving essentials in your kit for a hassle-free, smooth shaving regime during your holiday trip. After all, a clean and sharp shave is all you need to get that refreshingly handsome look that shall add adorable touch to your travel memories with amazing picture clicks.


Whether you are all new to the shaving world or looking for a change to revamp your shaving routine, all you need is to consider is the safety, cost effectiveness and a sharp clean shave. The modern shaving razors for men are majorly divided into two categories – the cartridge razors and safety razors. While the cartridge razors are the modern phenomena of plastic handle razors with replaceable disposable cartridges that may include 3 to 5 blades, safety razors are traditional shaving devices made of metal with razor blades covered in a protective guard.

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