Sample Pack of 7 Different Blades (1 Packet Each) Total 60 Blades


Blades Sample Pack (1 Packet Each) 60 Blades total

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1) 7 different Double Edge Razor Blades Sample Pack (1 Packet Each) 70 Blades total
2) Great and affordable Razor Blades. Great way to try different blades
3) Highest-quality blades made to fit different double-edge safety razors
4) The sharpest double-edge razor blades on the market.
5) Outstanding Longevity – retains sharpness and smoothness for many shaves
6) You will experience variations in the performance of different blades
7) Find the one that suits you most. These blades will fit in almost all the Traditional Razor
8) A great opportunity to try different razor blades brands and figure out which blade works best for you
9) Discover your favorite blades without wasting money to buy full packs
10)Some are extremely smooth, whereas some are extremely sharp.
11) Please check the product description for the complete list of blades included in the sampler

The 7-Pack includes:

1) Gillette Wilkinson sword =10 Blades
2) Feather Hi-Stainless Platinum = 05 Blades
3) Willy’s PREMIUM =10 Blades
4) Glatz super platinum = 10 Blades
5) Zulfikar super platinum = 10 Blades
6) supermax platinum plus =05 Blades
7) Silver max platinum =10 Blades




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