Pearl The sleek single edge safety razor


Pearl The sleek single-edge safety razor

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The ” Pearl Sleek Single Edge Razor Experience Smooth & Eco-Friendly Shaving

Experience the sleek efficiency of a cartridge razor without skin irritation. Our new Single Edge Razor combines the precision of a safety razor with the durability of a straight razor, boasting a modern design for effortless control. While single-blade shaving may seem intimidating at first, we’ve made it accessible to everyone with a price point that rivals cartridge razors. If you’re new to wet shaving, our CORE razor promises an unparalleled experience, promoting healthier skin and a closer shave.

Say goodbye to razor burn and ingrown hairs caused by multi-blade razors. Our Sleek single blade safety razors guarantee a smooth, comfortable shave every time. Unlike cheap plastic alternatives, our razors are designed to deliver superior results, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and irritation-free.

Product Details:
Razor Material:
Razor Handle Brass metal
Razor Head Special Zinc alloy
Razor Color: Silver Matt
Razor Height: 10cm
Razor Weight: 85gm*
Razor Head Type: Close Comb (Special Zinc alloy)
Package Includes 1Piece Safety Razor & 20 Piece Premium Single Edge Blades

Made in India


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