Pearl traditional shaving lathering bowl SSB-15 (Green)


Pearl traditional shaving lathering bowl SSB-15 (Green)

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A bowl for traditional shaving. Ideal for lathering soap, thanks to the rich texture inside the vessel.
The thickened bottom and spherical shape allow for maintaining a pleasant temperature of the foam.
The bowl provides comfortable shaving and is an interesting decorative accent to the bathroom.
  • A bowl for traditional shaving, Ideal for lathering soap. It is a good partner for shaving.
  • which is lightweight, firm, and environmental protection.
  • The fine texture inside and outside the bowl.
  • which is lightweight, firm, and environmental protection.
  • Holds All Brands of Your Favorite Shaving Soap.
Bowl details:

Bowl Material: ABS
Bowl Color: Green
Bowl weight: 95 gm*
Bowl total height: 5cm
Bowl depth 4 cm
Bowl width 10.5cm

4 reviews for Pearl traditional shaving lathering bowl SSB-15 (Green)

  1. Devendra Chaubey

    I use this to hold my shaving soap and brush to shave with a traditional single blade razor. It works fine for the task. I leave my standard shaving soap puck in the bowl and it doesn’t get soggy. My badger brush fits in the slot, and if desired most shaver handles will fit in the hole (although my fat handle does not). It’s a straightforward piece of gear that works fine. I could see getting one of those covered bowls if I was fancy, but evidently I am not.

  2. Krishna

    Very sturdy, durable, and easy to create lather. It can easily accommodate both your brush and razor. No more mess during each pass. This is how I keep things stored properly. One shaving bowl for your lifetime, you don’t need anything else.

  3. Pradip Verma

    Neat product, decent build quality and finish. But a bit oversized for the average shaving soap and razor, hence does not fit snugly. Still usable though.

  4. Sanjay Joshi

    Serves the purpose of holding the shaving set and also the water. Easy to store.

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