Shaving brush White Walker SBB-51, (White Black) (Synthetic Hair)

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Shaving brush White Walker SBB-51,(White-Black) (Boar Hair)
Made with Super Soft Synthetic Bristles
Black & White Resin Handle
Ultra Absorbent Quality & Softest Bristles
Get Soft and Smoother Skin By Pearl Shaving Brush
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Feel the smoothness of shaving with Pearl Shaving Company’s shaving brush. Crafted super-soft synthetic hair, it is whisper-soft on your skin and holds enough water to create a rich shaving lather with the shaving cream, softening, and lifting your whiskers for the smoothest possible shave. The brush is designed to last you a lifetime with proper care.

  Brush Loft Size:  H 63mm  W 50MM     Brush Knot Size: 24.5mm   

Additional information

Weight 0.090 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 14 cm

5 reviews for Shaving brush White Walker SBB-51, (White Black) (Synthetic Hair)

  1. Johan

    Quickly whips up a good lather in the bowl, and have a very comfortable feeling when i face-paint. I got one of these for free with the Flexi razor (Thanks Pearl), and will replace my older brush with it. The former brush was a favorite for several years but feels more harsh to the skin in comparison.

  2. PKB

    A soft bristle brush that rakes up an ultra soft lather in a few minutes which enables a smooth shave. Moreover it retains the moisture for a longer period enabling a second and third pass if desired. Product is worth its value.

  3. Milind Ketkar

    Shaving brush White Walker SBB-51, (White Black) (Synthetic Hair) good Shaving brush from Pearl Shaving Company
    definitely i recommend it for everyone, go for it.

  4. K.Ramanaiah

    Exquisite brush. Vastly advantageous for bowl lathering , even with good quality tubed creams , on days skin feels brush burn is imminent . Feels soft on skin , right amount of heft on hand and develops thick voluptuous lather for a heart satisfying shave .

  5. Yogesh Kumar Jalote

    No doubt, the quality is outstanding, it’s made of artificial polymer fibers (synthetic hairs ) the feel, the touch, the gentle softness, and the lather retention are all beyond comparison with the substandard brushes in the market. I bought this shaving brush for ₹520 and have been using it for almost 5 months in cold, hard water, occasionally one or two hairs drop out, this may be regrettable as in the longer run, the durability has to be compromised

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