Pearl Double Edge Safety Razor SS-01 Close Comb with Razor Stand


Pearl Double Edge Safety Razor SS-01 Close Comb with Razor Stand

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Achieve an effortless yet close-shave

close comb double edge safety razor save money safety razor

Close comb Head

Durability & Sustainability

Keep The razor clean and dry

Smooth & Precise

A closed comb razor head provides extra protection for the user by the use of a straight, safety bar that runs underneath the length of the razor blade. This bar can be flat or have small grooves in it. Its purpose is to tighten the skin just before the blade cuts through the hairs. This ensures a smoother, flatter, shaving surface for the razor and so reduces the risk of nicks or cuts to the skin by the blade. With this durable Brass metal, Pearl will last much longer than your typical plastic disposable razor. When the blade dulls, you can simply replace it with a new one and continue using your sustainable safety razor for years to come. High-quality chrome plated handle will help resist rust and wear well in a wet environment. Keep The razor stand to fasten it drying, and keep it clean.
High-quality Brass material, durable to use.
Mini size design, save place on your wash sink.
Do you want a super close shave with no razor burn? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our razors are designed specifically to be weighted in the head allowing the razor weight to do most of the shaving for you without any undue pressure. We have engineered the head to be not too aggressive so as to avoid that dreaded razor burn. The result is a smooth and super-close shaving experience
men gift


Best Gift for husband, father, brother & BF

Gift your loved one a chic, and long-lasting shave. A practical gift is almost always better than the average Valentine’s / Father’s Day card— this Pearl razor is the gift that keeps on giving and will last for years.

Practical gifts are the best gifts

  • A classic razor with excellent workmanship
  • Top-notch quality promise

Not Just For Men

women raozr

Women’s shaving can be tricky – there are difficult spots to reach and maneuver, leading to cuts and missed patches of hair. The Pearl safety razor is so perfectly engineered for weight and balance, that it’s easy in the hand and reaches all the angles, making it a great choice for women who shave.

Product Details: Double Edge safety razor with Razor Stand

Razor Head type: Double Edge close Comb (Special Zinc alloy).
Razor handle material: Brass metal.
Razor color: Premium Chrome.
Razor height: 11cm.
Razor weight: 92gm*
Razor with stand height:13cm.
Razor with stand weight: 188gm*
Razor stand height: 3cm.
Razor stand weight: 95gm*

Razor stand Made in India

Package Includes: In the box
1Piece Double Edge safety razor
1Piece safety razor Stand
1Piece user guide
10 Piece Premium blades


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  1. Gourav Mazumdar

    Thank you, The performance is good. Would request the manufacturers to make the packaging plastic free. The product is made of metal so the packaging cud very well be just cardboard.

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