CLASSIC SHAVE COMBO 3 (Razor+Brush+Cream+Lotion+Blade Pack)

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CLASSIC SHAVE COMBO 3 (Razor+Brush+Cream+Lotion+Blade Pack)



Keeping classic shaving alive, this handcrafted, chrome-finished, double-edged razor is perfect for experienced wet shavers and grooming newbies alike. Handle design has extra bulk for easier grip and requires less pressure than its multi-bladed counterparts, resulting in smooth, comfortable, and ultra-enjoyable shaves with less irritation and fewer nicks. Compatible with nearly all double-edge razor blades.

Shave Combo includes 6 items:

  1. Double-Edged Safety Razor
  2. Premium Shaving Brush
  3. Safety Razor Stand
  4. Shaving Cream 35ml
  5. post-Shave Lotion 35ml
  6. (50) DE Razor Blades (Brand: (The gentlemen)

Additional information

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 6 cm

1 review for CLASSIC SHAVE COMBO 3 (Razor+Brush+Cream+Lotion+Blade Pack)

  1. ravi

    Good build and pretty heavy. Only one thing to note is that you will require 3 passes to get a full clean shave, as the comb for safety purposes is tight.
    I would’ve loved an aggressive clamp but it is worth the money.

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