Double Edge  Safety Razor L-55 Chrome (Close comb + Open Comb)

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Double Edge  Safety Razor L-55 Chrome (Close comb+Open Comb)

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  • Material: Handle made of brass metal with Premium Chrome
  • Heavy Brass metal safety razor with perfect traditional look design.
  • excellent balance for shaving, and the Best grip for regular users and beginners.
  • Pearl shaving system specially designed for a close and comfortable shave
 Product Details:


  • Razor details:
  • Razor handle material: Brass metal
  • Razor head material: Zinc alloy
  • Razor head type: Close comb+ Open comb
  • Razor color: Premium Chrome
  • Razor weight: 105 gm*
  • Razor total height: 105mm
  • Razor handle height 95 mm
  • Razor Head Weight: 40 Gram*
  • Razor blade Gap: 0.80 mm
Package Includes:
  • 1Piece Safety Razor handle
  • 1Piece open comb head
  • 1Piece close comb head
  • 10Piece Platinum blades
  • 1 Piece Microfiber Cloths.
  • Made in India


22 reviews for Double Edge  Safety Razor L-55 Chrome (Close comb + Open Comb)

  1. Nishant Ashar (verified owner)

    Very nice ,smooth, no cuts , niks ,or burning sensation afterwards, works with any DE blades, Best razor I have ever used, Nice and heavy, artistic look , no problem in doing with the grain against the grain . Its a Must buy.

  2. Unni (verified owner)

    Got this yesterday. Very carefully packed and nice packing. Tried the closed comb today with supermax platinum plus blade. Perfect. Smooth shave, no cuts, burns or nicks. Did only one pass along grain, it is sufficient for daily use. Optimum angle finding was easy and natural. Recommend for beginners and experienced. Mild to medium aggression, towards the milder side. Beginners or those switching from cartridges (like me) should meticulously follow the preparatory things like pre shave wash with warm water, good brush and slick lather, etc. Excellent product, go for it. (open comb head i have not tried)

  3. Rajaneesh

    Yeah… it is delivered promptly with a nice pack. A heavy weight of 120+g is good. Box contains Two sets of head, a heavy handle and a pack of Super Max Platinum plus blade also. Razor has a Smooth finish. it’s worth the price. I paid ₹609/-.

    But check the model properly before you order.

    Ensure that you have ordered
    a 3-piece model – Pearl open comb+close comb safety razor.

    Don’t go for a butterfly model it’s not as good as displayed. It has a weak head, not sturdy enough withstand a small fall. The link is prone to break easily.

    Product carries the company’s Regd. Logo “Pearl” engraved nicely on each piece.

  4. Avinash Chipkar

    Good heavy product for double edge safety razor lover’s best choice goes for it.

  5. Kartikey M.

    A good, precise, and well-crafted safety razor from pearl shaving….all 3 piece razors of pearl have the same head and it is medium mild.

  6. Ajit Vishwanath (verified owner)

    The razor feels quite sturdy and on the heavier side. Feels quite well made with long-lasting material. Feels like going back in time. It’s made of heavy metal and pretty sturdy. The customer service of the company is also worthwhile mentioning. Overall a quality product.

    The only suggestion.. please update your logo 🙂

  7. Viswanath (verified owner)

    I ordered the open + closed comb razor. The packaging was absolutely wonderful, it was wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it during the transit. The box came with Willy’s blades . The razor is very heavy and you need not have to apply any extra pressure when using it. Due to its weight it simply glides across your face. It is a must try for someone who is transitioning from single piece razor and is a newbie in wet shaving. I would recommend this for anyone who is planning to order one.

  8. Kunal Vinayak (verified owner)

    Good packaging. Well built, heavy and sturdy razor. Customer care is prompt. Overall a good buy. Would definitely recommend.

  9. Prasantabapu (verified owner)

    Excellent Product, quality is very good. It comes with both open and close comb sets and very strong heavy which gives very nice feeling while shaving, worth the price. I bought three L-55 golden antique, L-55 close+ open comb and T-121. I really liked all 3. Very clean shave and i can really feel the difference in shaving experience and dont find roughness after shaving.Go for it blindly. These products are better than other expansive foreign brands.

  10. Sudhanshu (verified owner)

    Received the product yesterday only. Prima facie look & feel of L-55 (Open+Close) comb double-edged shaving razor seems satisfactory. I had earlier been using a Parker91R.

    As a suggestion, providing a sturdy carrying case would have added more value to the product.

    At the outset, shaving with the razor is a sensory experience. The mild to medium aggressiveness of both the open and close comb heads would not require much of mastering the art. But that’s what makes the accomplishment of a super clean shave all the more rousing.

  11. Shailendra Rawat

    I love this razor,
    Realy a great weapon for us…..

  12. Dhaval (verified owner)

    Loved the weight and of course the open comb aggressiveness. They got nice packaging going on too.

  13. Rohit Bandekar (verified owner)

    Have been using the double edge razor (L-55 model) for close to 3 months now and am glad to say that it’s a fantastic product . Since am new to DE wet shaving I was a bit apprehensive at first but to my surprise the razor gave me a smooth shave that too without any nicks or cuts. Also the happiness and satisfaction increases ten fold when an Indian company makes such a high quality product , keep it up guys and thanks for this wonderful razor.

  14. Senthil Kumar KK (verified owner)

    I’m a Gillette cartridge user for over a decade and was sceptical to migrate to safety razor.
    Did some research and decided to take the plunge, as I felt this is more sustainable over long term.

    This razor set with open and closed comb combo, made me feel comfortable to take the decision, as I will be able to experiment both. The box came with Willy’s blades.

    Tried closed comb first and the experience was good. No cuts or rashes.

    This gave me confidence to try the open comb for the second shave, which didn’t go well as I expected. Got some very minor cuts.

    Went back to closed comb and completed over 12 shaves.

    Patient always pays. Now I don’t take much time and looks like I gotten used to it now.

    Go for it and make this investment, which can last really long. Give it time and take it slowly for the first couple of shaves. Your hands will get used to the new way of shaving and you will feel satisfied with the decision.

  15. Hitesh Aggarwal (verified owner)

    Simply amazing… Who says safety razors are hard to use and may leave behind cuts on your face… Well at least this one doesn’t… Thanks pearl for bringing to us such a wonderful product and that too at a very affordable price… now buying another one for my dad!

  16. Vicky

    L55 is the best DE Razor and today I have now put Cartridge razors i.e.,Gillette Mach 3 or Fusion into a Box for using them in fast forward mode during my Business Travels.
    Just go for L55 with Open and Close comb (both). Its value for money and a masterpiece.

  17. Pradeep (verified owner)

    I bought Hajamat at first, then L-55, now i don’t even look at Hajamat. L-55 was the best investment that I made. This is the one for lifetime I guess. I did not like the gentlemen blade, I wish it came with better quality blades like platinum plus. This can also be a gift to anyone who enjoys shaving. I will gift one of this to my father.

  18. Omkar (verified owner)

    Delivery is worst experience. But razor is good. I use daily basis. Cc is very best. Oc is not up to mark…..

  19. SANJAY KUMAR SAHOO (verified owner)

    Very Nice Razor-(L-55,OC+CC)

  20. Rudra Pratap Nirwana (verified owner)

    If you’re just getting into Wetshaving, buy this blindly, don’t fall for the BSC BS (I did)

  21. Pratik Singh (verified owner)

    It’s an incredible safety razor, excellent quality material & wonderful grip takes the shaving experience to next level I would definitely recommend it for everyone, go for it !!!!

  22. Pankaj Chaubey

    Best razor in affordable price . The open comb is best for hard beard

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