Double Edge Safety Razor SS-01 (Close Comb,Chrome)

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Double Edge Safety Razor SS-01 (Close Comb, Chrome)

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  • Best grip for regular users & beginners, excellent balance.
  •  Material: Heavy brass metal safety razor with prefect traditional look design.
  • Handle made of brass metal with Premium Chrome.
  • This is an exclusive designer handle.
  • hopefully not available in the open market.
  • This razor delivers an incredibly close and comfortable shaving experience for normal or sensitive skin types.
  • Pearl shaving system specially designed for a close and comfortable shave.
  • Precision alignment for head assembly making blade replacement easy
  • Product Details:

  •  Material: brass metal & Zinc alloy
  • Color: Premium Chrome.
  •  Height: 10.5cm.
  • Weight:  80gm.
  • Head type: Open Comb (Special Zinc alloy).
    Package Includes 1Piece Safety Razor & 10Piece Premium Blades
  • Made in India.

Additional information

Weight 0.80 kg
Dimensions 7 × 12 × 3 cm

32 reviews for Double Edge Safety Razor SS-01 (Close Comb,Chrome)

  1. Rashid Abbasi (verified owner)

    Just received the product and shaved with it. I don’t remember such smooth shaving before. In my opinion traditional razors are the best ones and this product is among the best. Thanks for fast delivery and nice packaging.

  2. Sandip Naskar (verified owner)

    Pearl SS-01 CLOSED COMB razor is fantastic. Anyone can use it for clean shave. It is most suitable for beginners. You will get best shave from this wonderful tool.👍

  3. dhruv

    For those who are new to using double edge razors, since it’s heavy keep it as much straight as you can while shaving, use good quality shaving cream or soap, use both hands while shaving ( one holding razor and other stretching skin especially around the neck.). This razor is good because it gives you a close shave.

  4. sushant

    Very good product. Its weight and balance give proper save around the face and look pretty.

  5. Amartya Mukherji

    This is an exceptional product at this price. Plus it’s an India-made brand. I have been shaving with Gillette multi-blade safety razors for the last 16 years. Recently, I switched to a traditional wet shave. And now it has been more than a month I am using this. I must say I am enjoying the change. I would encourage newcomers to get this closed comb razor as it is safer than the open comb one, yet it gives me an exceptionally close shave with just a couple of passes. I have posted a before and after photo of my very first experience of traditional wet shave for you to see. Plus the blades they have included with the packaging is one the best India made blades available. Each blade can easily last up to 8 shaves.

    Points to keep in mind (especially for those who are using DE razors for the 1st time)

    1. Try and find your optimum angle and glide smoothly. 30 degrees or even steeper recommended. The steeper the better, as it’s safe. The more towards 90 degrees, the risk of cutting your skin increases.

    2. At the beginning try short strokes. 2 to 3 inches maximum.

    3. The most important point is not to apply pressure. If you have been using plastic lightweight razors till now, there will be a tendency to apply pressure. DE razors have weight. So just glide along and the weight itself will give you a smooth shave. No need to push.

    4. Do not repeat your strokes if there is no lather. Strokes on a dry skin surface can lead to cuts.

    5. Give yourself at least 5 chances before you decide, this is not for you. Because the first couple of attempts can make you think of quitting.

  6. Nolin Chitnis

    Pearl Safety Razors are world-class products sold globally by Madhav Metal Industries. They are made with high precision and quality. I definitely recommend Closed Comb razors from Pearl for beginners as Closed Comb razors are not that aggressive and best for beginners and daily shavers. Open comb razors are recommended for people who shave only once or twice a week. Open comb razors are quite aggressive and not recommended for beginners. Pearl SS-01 Closed Comb Safety Razor is available under ₹300 online. Check out my full review on my YouTube channel with the same name.

  7. Mandeep

    Pearl Safety Razors are world-class products sold globally by Madhav Metal Industries. They are made with high precision and quality. I definitely recommend Closed Comb razors from Pearl for beginners as Closed Comb razors are not that aggressive and best for beginners and daily shavers. Open comb razors are recommended for people who shave only once or twice a week. Open comb razors are quite aggressive and not recommended for beginners. Pearl SS-01 Closed Comb Safety Razor is available under ₹300 online. Check out my full review on my YouTube channel with the same name.

  8. AB

    Purchased at only 259 INR and considering this price point this is the best 3 piece razor in the market. Excellent finishing and weight. Only, one thing to mention that you need to more careful while aligning both sides of the blade exposure which I think ok and not a big deal. Shaving experience-wise it is on the milder side, hence against the grain will not be an issue as well. In conclusion, you are getting a very good quality tool at a very affordable or lower price. For length comparison, it is compared with the pearl T-121 razor.

  9. Ranvijai Bhadauria

    Purchased Pearl SS-01 closed comb razor for Rs 259/-. Best entry model closed comb razor. Using it for the last 3 months. 5 blade Wilkinson blade pack provided in the packing. Very well balanced razor. The Head is very well built and heavy. The same head is used in expensive Pearl razors also. The handle is heavy with good knurling. The handle is not great but does the job very well. Perfect razor for beginner wet shavers. It is mild to the aggressive razor. No risk of bad nicks and cuts.

    Best entry razor in the market. Perhaps the best value for money razor in the market.

  10. Shubham Kumar

    I’ve been using plastic razors with multiple blades (Gillette) all my life and as I grow a thick and long beard, I required cleaning the razor cartridge multiple times so shaving was a time-consuming affair for me but no more. This Pearl Manual Shaver is the perfect DE Closed Comb safety razor, my first, very easy to maneuver, and mildly aggressive which I tend to prefer. I do have very sensitive skin and I’m surprised I didn’t get any cuts or bruises on my first use of this. Gets a clean shave in just 2 passes. The handle has good weight therefore easy to maneuver, against the grain is smooth as well. No more plastic use and throw razors. This is a worthy investment, for self-grooming and for the environment as well. Would like to thank you for the delivery which was earlier than expected. Highly recommended.

  11. Keshore Kumarr T

    This razor is so mild that I could even shave off the hair from a baby’s head. When paired with a sharp blade, this razor does a clean job. The base plate exposes the blade just enough and does a balancing act between safety and aggression, which makes it an overall mild-medium razor.

    There is a common notion that DE razors are riskier compared to the modern (and conventional) multi-blade cartridge razors. From my experience with this DE razor, I can say that this is as safe as the multi-blade cartridge razors. No wonder they termed it the “Safety” razor.

    Also from the money side of things, this razor costs around Rs. 270-300 which is quite affordable. The replacement DE blades can be obtained at cheaper prices (as low as Rs. 2 per blade). Another advantage is that we get to try different blades and experience them one at a time.

    Definitely a friend to Wet Shaving Beginners.

  12. Dr. AM

    This is one of the best traditional razors I have used, one can buy without a doubt. Much better shave than Mach3 or any other instant razor. The seller Madhav Metals is also very humble and polite and resolves the issue if any.
    One must go for an open type razor if has a heavy beard (more than 10 days, or if the beard is having a hard type) or else for a short duration of less than a week or so, then a closed type is more than enough for most of the individuals.
    I personally use open type for any day beard. Awesome product with great quality, the heaviness of the razor glides so as not to put too much weight while shaving. And finally, use good quality blades like Wilkinson sword, etc.

  13. Hardik Dikshit

    I have been shaving with plastic razors ever since I first started getting offshoots on my face, but this is the first time that the shave was so CLOSE- It’s unimaginable. I have tried everything under the sun but only after shaving with this DE razor have I realized that I was missing on what real shaving meant for so many years! The ultra sharpness of every old school blade with the safety of the DE razor is what every man really deserves, I believe. It’s as if I shaved properly for the very first time! (Sorry for the dramatization haha).

    Absolutely no cuts (still very surprised about this or maybe I’m just a natural haha). Just a little dryness due to the extra closeness of blade (post-shave balm application must for a couple of days post clean shave is advisable.

    My whole face seems younger and fresher since I started using this product and have decided to never going back to plastic shaving apparatus ever in my life!

    Trust me, you will feel so much maturity and satisfaction after every session. It’s an amazing experience you’d love to repeat every few days of the week!

    Lastly, I’d like to shoutout to my main man “Joy Shaving” for his invaluable knowledge! Please check out his videos on YouTube! Genuine guy with genuine experiences. Thanks a lot, brother!

  14. Ajay

    It is my first DE razor(only after using several multi-blade cartridge razors). I was nervous reading DE terminologies like aggressive, mildly aggressive, etc., and about the maintenance of 30 degrees razor angle with the skin, before having one for myself. But this razor turned out to be very friendly and facilitated a gentle transition for me into DE shaving. Now after 3 shaves with this, I am very happy and am never going to even think of multi-blade razors.
    I would recommend this to anyone/everyone thinking of entering into the wet shaving arena.
    Within this low cost is packed a premium product.

  15. Rajaram

    If you are jumping from Gillette vector blades or trimmer, it’s little challenging. Remember, it is not friendly like Gillette blades or trimmer to do your shave with ease. You need experience, more conscious, and time-consuming. But, the shave is perfect just like a saloon shop. The reason for buying this, if you want to grow along and thick beard, you should always go ahead with a proper blade and deep shave. This suits for this. A close one is better than an open one if you are an amateur in blade shaving.

    You will get blades and a closed razor. The grip is good. And the shave is perfect. It would be great if we buy this product between 200 to 230.

    Overall the product is good. But remember, it will be a time-consuming shave and you should need good experience of doing this. So try in your leg or hand before you switch to your face. Cheers!!!

  16. Piyush Chanda

    Delivered it yesterday used it today for the 1st time.

    The razor is not mild, is on the aggressive side.
    You need patience and skilled pair of hands.
    Two-pass and u get a clean shave. Is enjoyable using it?

    Build quality is very good.
    Razor is heavy, didn’t expect that weight, which is good.
    The grip is good as it is knurled. But handle carefully with wet hands.

    Came with 5 blades in the pack which is not mentioned…. good.
    Value for money and definitely recommended.

  17. Bonheur Porter

    Very good razor for the price category. Value for money. but overall a good product. Mild aggressive, but good for beginners as well as experienced wet shavers. The best thing is the product is Indian and of very high quality at a very nominal price.

  18. Nicky

    I chose this as it is an eco-friendly and durable option for cheap disposable razors. It is super sleek and easy to assemble. A packet of stainless steel blades is included with the package. It is a bit Heavy on hand and should be used very cautiously to avoid nicks and cuts. It is quite easy to clean afterward by removing each part. It is totally worth the money spent as this is going to last a lifetime probably.

  19. SM, Bangalore

    Good razor, value for money. No need to buy very expensive razors. This one does the job just as well. The angle is right. The weight on the head is right. Overall weight is just right to hold. No nicks, no cuts, smooth output. Does one want more than this from a razor? The best part, Made in India!

  20. Avinash singh

    Feels good to hold. Grip and weight are good for a balanced shave. I ordered two at a time as I am more reliant on standard version products that last long and become a part of your memory. I am looking forward to buying the even better sounding T121 one for my father as a gift.

  21. Ank

    Fairly well designed and aligned, and being my first DE razor, even a single blade gave a pretty close shave. So much for 3-4-6 blades going overboard marketing close shaves. Comes with a cute, informative book which is pretty useful.
    A great alternative to Cartridge razors comes with a pack of 10 blades. Definitely worth the switch.

  22. Manu Varghese

    I couldn’t wait for the “Pearl” to touch my face and run it through my face. After reading through wet shaves and watching a couple of videos I was anxious whether I would have to mummify my face. But after the first stroke, I gained veteran confidence, which made me feel I was Brad Pitt from “Fury”.
    Well in short Brilliant product, I can recommend it to people who want to try a wet shave for the first time.
    Thank you Pearl for such an amazing product

  23. Adesh

    I bought this one to stop using those plastic razors for mother earth. I am happy with my purchase. This has the superb build quality and it works really well. There is no rust even now.

    On the other side, a strong build also made it heavy, so you need to be careful not to drop it while shaving or you may hurt yourself.

    Highly recommended for purchase.

  24. AnkS

    I started using a safety razor after a decade or so..since I left college. Used Mach 3 over all these years. This time I opted for a closed comb razor to avoid any risk of cuts.The edges are aligned correctly and it is not too aggressive. The handle is balanced and fits well on the blade holder.Overall, good razor for general use and good value for money. PS. I used your only 7’o Clock blades as the blades shipped with the razor are not the best.


    Nice product I think it will be lite weight but not packing supurb when I get my first shave no cuts nice shave they also given Gillette blade packet which contains 10 blades free in the box

  26. Kaustubh Dhotre

    This is a perfect close comb razor for beginners build quality is excellent compare to the price point of the product and the weight is also perfectly balanced I think this is the best DE razor at this price point in the market right now I’m thanking pearl shaving for this awesome product go for this guy’s you won’t regret and enjoy wet shaving.

  27. Benji

    Brilliant for the price. Very mild (I suspect this is actually a ladies razor, but ok for me as I have only a light beard growth. Very nicely made.

  28. Sarvesh Chakraborty

    Provides a smooth shave and has a good finish. Unfortunately, I was provided a bad piece as the handle’s screw threads failed, meaning that this piece is now useless to me, as it doesn’t secure properly.

  29. Himanshu Ahuja (verified owner)

    Brilliant piece of work!

    I’m a beginner & had watched multiple videos on this razor by Joy Shaving, Diwas Shaves & others.

    My first safety razor was a generic safety razor that I bought from a local medical store for about 100Rs so I could practise before going for a branded razor like this one. Most often, even after I’ve had practised for months, along with trying to be extremely slow while shaving, I would still get many-many cuts.

    I was tired & I stopped shaving altogether for awhile. When I was looking up these razors, I was enlightened upon a new concept for me -Open comb v/s Close Comb razor.

    I called on Pearl’s contact number & had a chat with one of the executives & according to my needs, skin & hair growth, he suggested me to go for Close Comb as it as is safer for beginners.

    I had the option of buying from Amazon or from Pearl’s website. Amazon was 20Rs less expensive but it didn’t offer returns or refunds, so when I had called the executive, he told me that if I had any problems with the razor, they’ll be willing to accept the return if ordered from the website (as the Amazon sales & returns are governed by their own policies & they may not be able to return products if purchased through Amazon)

    I finally bought it from their website as it felt much safer w.r.t. after sales services/assistance.

    When I received this razor, it was SO heavy. I was so excited to shave already. I had often heard from many that – ‘Do not apply pressure’, but my previous razor was so light that if I didn’t apply some pressure, it wouldn’t shave close enough. I knew I’d be able to finally apply this priniciple.

    On my first shave itself, I noticed a huge difference. I started slow & increased my pace, still zero cuts with super close shave on my first pass itself.

    At the end of the shave (almost 3 passes) I had only 2 cuts (which was WAY less than how many I had in the past) one cut on my chin & one on my neck, that too because I was so surprised with not getting any cuts by then that I started going aggressively.

    On my 2nd shave itself, ZERO CUTS! I absolutely adore this razor & thank the team for being so supportive throughout!

  30. Sumit Sharma (verified owner)

    I loved it ,This razor is awesome 🤩🤩

  31. Samit Shah

    Super razor by pearl . If you are new in safety razor you should buy pearl ss01 close comb razor . I am giving my review after using this razor for month. don’t think and buy ss01 close comb razor. I thanks a ton to Madhav metal industries for making great and earth friendly products. packing was really great. before using this razor i was using cartridge razor, but after shaving from pearl ss 01 close comb razor my cartridge razor i threw in dustbin.
    Thanks pearl.

  32. Uday Bapat

    Good weight and balance. They did the modification as per my request and requirements. Immediate response. Good engineering and good team work.

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