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The artisan shaving soap- PMSS-22

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A Soap and a Shaving Soap for man will always make a huge impact on your experience of shaving. A natural oil-based shaving soap massaged into your skin ensures that not only is there enough smoothness for your first pass, but for your subsequent passes as well. Shaving soap offers extra protection to the skin from irritation and razor burn with softening and lifting the beard for a close and comfortable shave.

  • Suitable for all skin types, Naturally conditions, moisturizes, and protect your skin while shaving.
  • The Soap comes in a 100 gm jar that allows for superior lather creation.
  • Shaving Soaps on average last three times longer than Shaving Creams and are much easier to lather with Creates a rich, thick, and luxurious lather when used with a quality shave brush.
  • This shaving soap is a notch above other shaving products.
  • Lather up with this artisanal quality shaving soap to experience softer, smoother, healthier skin after shaving.


Stearic Acid, Palmetic Acid, Myristic Acid, Coconut Oil, Sodium Edta, Titanium Dioxide, Fragrance, Dm Water.

Our coffee shaving soap is made from natural coffee extract which will give you the best shave result for all skin types – dry, normal, oily, sensitive, or combination. The soap will give you a pleasant aroma of coffee. Our shaving soap ensures that your skin will remain smooth not only for your first pass but for your subsequent passes as well.

How to Use: Coffeeop shaving soap

Shaving Soap for man Shaving Soap for man Shaving Soap for man Shaving Soap for man
First of all, pour some water drops into the soap to soften the hardness of the shaving soap & let the water do the work for a minute or two. Until the soap softens, wet the bristles under the tap or with warm water. After the brush is ready, Circulate the brush in shaving soap clockwise & and clockwise for 15-20 seconds. Massage the lather evenly across your face in circular motions. The longer you whisk, the richer the lather, the smoother the shave, and the more your skin will be protected. Empty excess water from the soap and leave it open so it can air-dry. Our products are made using organic oils and extracts from various flowers. Our product is non-toxic and cruelty-free.

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10 reviews for The Artisan Shaving Soap (coffeeop)

  1. Jayakrishna Bhat

    I am a Coffee lover
    This soap’s fragrance similar to COFFEE BITE chocolate &lt
    Lather: Easy to create, good slickness
    Performance: Best experience
    After Shave: Skin feels good
    As always Pearl's all product VALUE FOR MONEY
    If anyone reads this, please consider another good product SHAVER's SPIRIT. Both are amazing soaps.

  2. Johan

    Gives a nice slick lather and smells of both chocolate and coffee.

  3. Vineet

    it’s cappuccino for your face. very good quality. enjoy shaving

  4. Zid666

    Очень понравилось мыло, напоминает какао из детства) запах приятный, не едкий(сравниваю Tabac) , не раздражает. Скольжение отличное, пена держится не оседает, очень рекомендую, мыло однозначно стоит своих денег

  5. Ajay

    Soap has more of a mild chocolatey fragrance than coffee as indicated. It reminded me of Cadbury drinking chocolate which was in my childhood quite a popular drink. The soap is very soft and lather very quickly. It produced a thick and slick lather.
    Overall a good shaving soap

  6. Bharani Dharan (verified owner)

    Definitely a coffee lover so i bought this soap.. The lather is good and skin feels excellent after using it… but i wouldn’t say this is coffee.. its more of a mild chocolate… still.. fragrance, lather, feel – All are on point.. Worth buying…

  7. OkieDokie (verified owner)

    The Synthetic Brush SBB-11 is a beautiful craft. The resin handle is firm, the bristles have a good backbone and whip up a lather in no time. Thanks for the excellent wetshaving products.

  8. Paramjeet Singh (verified owner)

    Very good soap. Good sleekness. Quality very good.

  9. Rudra Pratap Nirwana (verified owner)

    Smooth, creamy and chocolatey

  10. Ram wagh

    It is what I would say is perfect saving soap, that said the scent of the soap isn’t to my preference, but I am happy it is Indian made, and the best thing is the quality of lather it makes, damn too thick, and just loved the texture. happy for the wet shaving community in India to be blessed with such a beautiful Indian shaving soap

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