Pearl Flexi Adjustable Safety Razor Close comb (Black edition)


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Razor Details Package contents
Razor Total Height: 90 mm Flexi razor 1 U,
Razor Handle Height: 83 mm 50 pcs. Premium Blade
Razor Type: Two pieces of razor Cleaning cloth 1 U,
Razor Head Type: close Comb. User guide 1 U,
Razor Weight: 140 Gram* Warranty card 1 U
Blade Gap: 0.25 MM – 1.00MM


Pearl Flexi razor is all set to leave its mark as a game-changer in the wet shaving world. This innovative piece of the razor is made of 100% Brass & 100% CNC machine process. Each razor will come up with its own unique serial number which will differ from razor to razor. It is a two-piece adjustable razor suitable for both beginners as well as experienced ones. This razor has multiple 6-digit setting numbers which are “1-6” with 1 being the mildest & 6 being aggressive. It can be used in all types of skin including sensitive or not so sensitive. These Custom settings vary from one individual to another as per their beard growth, experience & preferences. With this razor, we recommend blades of Willy’s, Wilkinson’s sword & Supermax Platinum Plus to get you the perfect shave.

This razor has it all that a perfect shaver would always demand & worth every penny! The supremely creative pearl Flexi will work wonders in your shaving routine & the luxurious feeling after the outcomes reveal the hidden gentleman in you.


Razor Details


  • Razor Color: Black
  • Razor Total Height: 90 MM
  • Razor Handle Height: 83 MM
  • Razor Type: Two pieces razor
  • Razor Head Type: Colse Comb.
  • Razor Weight: 140 Gram*
  • Blade Gap: 0.25 MM – 1.00MM

Package contents

Flexi razor 1 U,
50 pcs. Premium  Blade
Cleaning cloth 1 U,
User guide 1 U,
Warranty card 1 U


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