Flexi Adjustable Safety Razor FX-2020

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Warranty Terms & Conditions: 
1. Only 1st owner can claim warranty.
2. Warranty Registration must be done within 1 month after Purchase. 


Razor Details Package contents
Razor Total Height: 90 MM Flexi razor 1 U,
Razor Handle Height: 83 MM 50 pcs. Premium  Blade
Razor Type: Two pieces razor Cleaning cloth 1 U,
Razor Head Type: Close Comb. User guide 1 U,
Razor Weight: 140 Gram* Warranty card 1 U
Blade Gap: 0.25 MM – 1.00MM

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Pearl Flexi razor is all set to leave its mark as a game-changer in the whole wet shaving world. This innovative piece of the razor is made of 100% Brass & 100% CNC machine process. Each razor will come up with its own unique serial number which will differ from razor to razor. It is a two-piece adjustable razor suitable for both beginners as well as experienced ones. This razor has multiple 6 digit setting numbers which is “1-6” with 1 being the mildest & 6 being aggressive. It can be used in all types of skin including sensitive or not so sensitive. These Custom settings varies from one individual to another as per their beard growth, their experience & preferences. With this razor, we recommend blades of Willy’s, Wilkinson sword & Supermax platinum plus to get you the perfect shave.

This razor has it all what a perfect shaver would always demand & worth every penny! The supremely creative pearl Flexi will work wonders in your shaving routine & the luxurious feeling after the outcomes will reveal the hidden gentleman in you.


Razor Details

  • Razor Total Height: 90 MM
  • Razor Handle Height: 83 MM
  • Razor Type: Two pieces razor
  • Razor Head Type: Close Comb.
  • Razor Weight: 140 Gram*
  • Blade Gap: 0.25 MM – 1.00MM

Package contents

Flexi razor 1 U,
50 pcs. Premium  Blade
Cleaning cloth 1 U,
User guide 1 U,
Warranty card 1 U

169 reviews for Flexi Adjustable Safety Razor FX-2020

  1. Jayakrishna Bhat

    The Best Deal
    At first look… after opening box… Surprised with its beauty. On hand feels its great built quality. After loading a blade.. it looks aggressive razor. BEAST !! My first shave started with little care and scare. But completed fantastic. Great shaving journey started after first and later shaves. I am very satisficed with its craftsmanship. I am very happy with its performance. Its size, weight everything perfect. Adjusting knob smooth only on adjusting time. Its smoothness not rotate by accidental touch on shaving time. Little bit sad is… what I do with my other razors. Because this is my daily driver.
    No compromised with quality, packaging….. finally delivering to customer. All in top.
    So this is best deal

  2. Marco De Marzi

    A great razor indeed. At the unboxing, as sono I had the razor in my hand I could feel the weight of the razor. At 130 grams is quite heavy but since I love heavy razors I was already pleased!
    My first shave has been wondwerful. Two passes and it was absolutely smooth. The grip is good and efficiency – I used it at gap 3- astonishing. Beats any other adjustable razor I had. I used it first time with an already used blade since I was a little wary but it came out as I had used a brand new one. Can’t wait to test it with a more performing blade. A razor that is definitively the best I own ( and I do own other Pearl razors , a SSH-02 and a SBF-12 loving them both). There are no cons in this great piece of machinery, only minor issues : it tends to clog a little with soap (but I do use a lot of pre-Shave cream) and I am worried about letting it properly dry in the inside channel, not having the razor any hole on the handle bottom. Just hope that water does not remain inside rusting the spring mechanism. However it seems built to last decades! And I hope that! At the end, it’s a wonderful item and I can’t recommend it enough to all lovers of traditional wear shave. Five star to me! Thanks Pearl Shaving, a job very well done!

  3. Sandeep H Ramaiya

    Hi Flexi Razor Manufacturers….As I am new to wet shaving this was my first hands in such a razor…till now have been using cartridge razor’s so when I ordered it was something which I felt would a great experience to try but when the razor came I just opened it….and seeing I was surprised to see such a small beast packed in a very cozy box and lifting it was and seeing and feeling the razor was very nice…then the main thing came shaving for first time with a wet razor….but frankly telling the feeling was such nice and fantastic which I can’t express in words…razor is heavy and it just glides like butter in the face….with no cuts or burns,my first experience witha wet razor and that also flexi was very good and nice….
    Customer care and staff also hats off to all..
    Thank you very much

  4. Patrik

    I’m a very experienced wet shaver and I have owned close to a hundred different razors and I must say that I’m very impressed with the manufacturing quality of this razor. Excellent presentation and it’s a beautiful razor. I call it the sledgehammer because of its weight and the feel.
    World class support from the Pearl support team, quick answers and doing all they can to keep the customer happy.

  5. Nader Daou

    I’ve been trying this razor over the past week. Good quality & nice weight comparable with the Rex Ambassador. More efficient than Parker Variant at the gap setting of 3. Not difficult to shave in normally troublesome area like under the nose (better than parker in this area). It feels very natural & easy to maneuver for both new & experienced wet shavers.

  6. Alksandr

    This is great and quality razor!
    Very efficient and comfortable even in the lowest position!

  7. Sil

    I want to buy Flexi razor … price + shipping Italy? Warranty?

  8. Abhi

    This razor is the shaving bargain of a lifetime! Best of all the razor shipped to me in about a week. The quality and fit and finish of this razor is second to none. I have eight safety razors including to Rockwell 6S & T1, Gillette Slim Adjustable, Henson, Gillette Black Beauty and Parker Variant and this is my new favourite. I have a very thick beard and was able to easily remove it on setting three and setting four with three passes with little irritation. The blade alignment in this second batch of razors was flawless. For a little more than US$100, I received a razor, a stand, two shave soaps, Preshave oil, aftershave balm, and a shaving brush! Oh did I also mention they threw in custom engraving for free on the top cap! I’ve seen similar razors without all the extras costing over US $300! With all the extras this probably would’ve cost me close to $400 in my country. I am recommending this razor to all of my shaving buddies! Keep up the great work.

  9. Owen R

    Great Razor, I was a bit worried about quality but the updated version is amazing. I ordered and waited a couple of months but it was totally worth the wait. The razor itself is a thing of beauty and comes with a lovely brush, a stand and freebies sample blades and creams to try.
    My first shave on setting 3 was ok and a bit too gentle, so I went to 6 and had a very close yet incredibly smooth shave experience. I also have the Rex and find the Flexi to be as good, if not smoother shave experience.
    The Flexi is a real quality razor and worth every penny. The CNC and satin finish is superb. I will definitely buy from a Pearl again.
    This may be the last razor you will ever need!

  10. Ismael

    I’ve used it only once so far but it was a great shave. Used it on setting 3 with a Willy’s blade. I had some irritation but I’m new to the wet shaving game. Razor looks AMAZING. I bought an extra to give to my brother in law. Highly recommended. Great price. Amazing product. Prompt shipping. If you are thinking about it, GET IT!

  11. Mahmut hasan

    I have purchased the Pearl flexi and used it with the razors that it came with willys the brand name if anyone is considering purchasing I can say without hesitation buy it you will not be disappointed it’s a beautiful razor well made and from start to finish great customer service

  12. Salvo Gallo

    Prezzo per l’Italia??

  13. Natale Mazzotti

    I’ve only been shaving with double edge razor for 2-3 months, and am hooked, and I think I’ve found my perfect razor! It has an amazing quality feel and weight to it, and has given me the best shave I’ve had since switching from cartridges. I’ve tried an Edwin Jagger, Merkur progress and futur and this beats them all. It’s smooth and effortless even on the higher settings I’ve tried so far. I’d say it’s excellent for both novice and expert savers and I’m glad to say they have sorted the alignment issues from the first batch. A special shout out for the customer service as well, as they are extremely helpful accommodating and quick to respond despite being half a world away from me in the UK!

  14. Jonathan A.

    This company is extremely kind, generous, has great communication skills, and I must say the Pearl Flexi is absolutely top notch razor. I have many adjustable razors and this one is by far one of my favorite razors. I did a two pass shave and I was baby smooth with no skin irritation or cuts. This razor is perfection, any issues with the first run has all been fixed. This razor is truly high quality and will give you a luxurious shave every time.

    When opening the package I noticed Pearl gave me quiet a few extra shaving supplies which I wasn’t expecting at all. A wonderful synthetic shaving brush, 110 Willy blades, and two shaving soaps. I was so surprised I instantly showed my wife everything that was given to me from this company. She too was very impressed and saw the pure joy and happiness I was expressing.

    If you’re considering whether you should get this razor… don’t hesitate. You will not be disappointed on the quality and craftsmanship of this razor. For this price point you get a huge bang for your buck.

    Thank you Pearl! This has been the best customer service I’ve ever experience from any other razor company. Keep up the great work and dedication to your life long customers.

  15. Fabio

    Ho acquistato il rasoio con il pre-ordine di ottobre 2020, il rasoio che mi è arrivato aveva un problema di allineamento della testina e prima che io scrivessi, sono stato contattato dall’azienda che mi ha chiesto di verificare se anche il mio rasoio avesse quel problema. Purtroppo ho dovuto confermare e a quel punto la Pearl Shaving, dopo essersi scusata mi ha assicurato che il rasoio sarebbe stato sostituito con un altro senza il difetto. Mi hanno garantito che verso fine Gennaio pensavano di poterlo spedire e così è stato. Due giorni fa ho ricevuto il nuovo rasoio che adesso è perfetto e anche qualche omaggio, sempre gradito. Mi sono tagliato la barba il giorno stesso e devo dire che sono rimasto molto soddisfatto. Il progetto è ottimo e il livello di costruzione davvero impeccabile, sono molto contento di averlo acquistato e altrettanto contento del servizio clienti della Pearl Shaving che si sono presi cura del problema con estrema professionalità e cortesia. Sono iscritto a molti gruppi di rasatura tradizionale italiani e sicuramente faró una buona pubblicità sia al prodotto che all’azienda perchè lo meritano.

  16. Nathaniel Bangira,

    A great Razor, I was surprised with its beauty and feels well-built quality. I am very satisfied with its craftsmanship, I am very happy and will recommend Friends and those who prefer wet shaving.

  17. Ehsan

    I love this razor. It is beautiful and it has been good engineered.
    Their customer service was excellent.
    They are really patient.

  18. Marco Cerqueglini

    Great razor, among the most beautiful and smooth that I have in my collection, a piece that cannot be missing from your favorites … Thank you Pearl for giving us this jewel !!

  19. Giacomo

    Inizio questa recensione dicendo che il Pearl flexi adjustable è un oggetto molto pregiato. La qualità costruttiva di questo rasoio è eccellente. Lama e testa sempre allineati in qualsiasi regolazione. Il peso fa sì che scorra sul viso senza bisogno di premere. Nessuna irritazione dopo che lo utilizzo per la mia rasatura. Bellissimo pure a vedersi! Fornito insieme al suo utilissimo stand.
    Un elogio devo assolutamente farlo pure al servizio clienti, sempre disponibili, gentili, e pronti ad aiutarti! Tornerò sicuramente, Giacomo

  20. FrankHeiLab

    At first: Great customer oriented service from Pearl. Really kind with great communication skills. I bought one razor from the first batch – and unfortunately it had a blade gap issue. What a pity, because even that razor was great. Pearl offered me to get one from the new batch and sent it to me. I opened the package and at first was surprised to get some additional gifts. a wonderful brush, 100 blades, two shaving soaps. Great. (I tried already the coffe op soap – also wonderful) They made some design-refinements to the razor cap and improved the already good design. Now I had two shaves with the new razor. That was marvelous. Smooth and efficient. I got nearly a BBS shave just from two passes, without any nicks. This razor seems to be the best razor in my shave den.
    Thanks Pearl for that wonderful razor.

  21. Johan

    A Piece of art! The finest razor i ever have owned and shaves really great. And besides the blades, soaps i bought with the razor, i got a lot of extras for free.
    More blades, a fine Syntetic brush and a Brass keyring device for pressing keybuttons and similar in public places with direct contact. Smart idea.
    And i can speak warmly of the first class customer service and the incredible speed of delivery. This company are making a big mark in the shaving-world!

  22. Stephan

    I treated myself to the “Flexi” safety razor and can only recommend it to everyone! He shaves very well and the skin feel after shaving is really very good! It offers everything from gentle to aggressive. The Pearlshaving Team is always available for questions by email and answers will be given promptly! I would buy the safety razor again at Pearlshaving anytime.

  23. Ramesh Babu

    One word to describe this razor- Fantastic.
    I have Parker adjustable also but by this razor I got less irritation on my mustache area. I really like the weight and knurling of this razor. I will definitely recommend this razor.
    BTW lots of freebies with this razor. Thanks pearl

  24. Ramesh Babu

    One word to this razor : FANTASTIC.
    I have Parker adjustable , with parker I usually feel irritation at my mustache area but with it very clean and smooth. Nice weight and knurling. recommend to everyone.

  25. José Ángel Mintegui Bilbao

    Quisiera adquirir una maquinilla, ¿Cuál sería el importe en € para España+ gastos de envío?.

  26. José Ángel Mintegui Bilbao

    Cuánto sería el importe en € para España+ gastos de envío?

  27. Jaroldforiest

    Very good razor

  28. Hans

    Hallo und guten Tag;
    ich habe meinen Pearl Flexi Razor V2 vor etwa 3 Wochen erhalten
    und mich seitdem täglich mit dem Rasierer rasiert.
    Er rasiert mich ausgesprochen gut und gründlich. Klingengefühl ist vorhanden,
    der Rasierer ist NICHT aggressiv.
    Ich bin von dem Razor begeistert, das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist sehr gut.
    Die Verstellung funktioniert perfekt und die Abstände der Platten sind ohne Abweichungen.
    Mein REX rasiert NICHT besser.
    Ein einziger Mangel, der Razor ist NICHT zerlegbar.
    Ich wünsche mir, dass ich den Rasierer zum Reinigen zerlegen kann.
    Vielleicht kann mir jemand sagen, wie der Rasierer in seine Einzelteile zerlegt werden kann!
    Herzlichen Dank

  29. Mateusz

    Best razor ever I’m glad to have one…. fully recommended

  30. ashi10846@gmail.com

    Worth Buying. Wonderful and Efficient Razor.
    I’ve used Pearl Flexi V2 Razor on more aggressive setting No. 3/4, but at this setting it shaves smoothly and efficiently. It is a bit heavy razor, but glide effortlessly. No issues with alignment as such. Pearl complimentary dual colour brush is soft and its long handle is comfortable for making bowl and face lather. Overall luxury shaving experience with Pearl Flexi. Kudos to Pearl Team for this Indian made world class product.

  31. Arthur Ask

    I received my razor and goodies a couple of days ago from Pearl Shaving. I decided to try everything Pearl together to see how the various parts such as the razor, brush, soap & blade worked. First I’d like to say how I like the “hefty” feel of the razor in my hand. It’s a two piece design with an adjustment wheel at the top. Everything feels well made and put together, not lose and sloppy. I started my first two passes on setting 3 and subsequent passes on setting 1. I must say I was happy with the results as the razor was smooth and efficient. Combined with the soap and synthetic brush that whipped up a rich and creamy lather that was very slick. Over all a winner considering I payed under $100 shipped from India. I believe Pearl is here to stay, good job with this razor and your other products.

  32. Lucio Fichera

    First order and absolutely happy. Great, stunning razor. Good quality soap and sharp blades. Excellent service. Thank you. I Will order again.

  33. Zerosoma

    Great razor. Built like a tank while shaving smooth. Just wish that there was more knurling so that it would grip better and a polished finish would make this razor perfect.

  34. simonshaves

    I first saw this razor on kevys youtube channel and I immediately knew that I need this razor. After a nice e-mail contact I placed a preorder for the V2. I really have to point out the great pearl customer service! When I opened the package it was love at first sight! I love the finish of the razor, the haptics and also the weight! For this price point there is no competitor! It’s a very efficent razor and every shave is a pleasure and I get e perfect BBS! Already got some friends of mine to preorder the V3! If you want to see the razor, you can check out my IG Page, where I post SOTDs regularly.

  35. ashi10846@gmail.com

    Worth Buying. Wonderful and Efficient Razor.
    I’ve used Pearl Flexi V2 Razor on more aggressive setting No. 3/4, but at this setting it shaves smoothly and efficiently. It is a bit heavy razor, but glide effortlessly. No issues with alignment as such. Pearl complimentary dual colour brush is soft and its long handle is comfortable for making bowl and face lather. Overall luxury shaving experience with Pearl Flexi. Kudos to Pearl Team for this Indian made world class product.

  36. Zid666

    Шикарный станок!!!!!!
    Взял вторую версию, с пониженным гапом (до 1) комфортное бритье на 2-3 позиции в зависимости от лезвий. (лезвия в комплекте понравились) станок увесистый, мне нравится 140 грам. Недельную щетину снимает на ура, с первого прохода. Очень удобная подставка, в которой не задерживается вода. Очень рекомендую всем тем кто сомневается, это не первая моя регулируемая бритва, но Flexi теперь моя самая любимая бритва.
    Также отдельное спасибо персаналу магазина, который очень вежлив, отвечает на все вопросы, отслеживает посылку вместе с вами, до момента вручения. Очень много положительных эмоций. Рекомендую, станок к приобретению, и ещё никаких дефектов, брака не обнаружено. Покрытие ровное, равномерно, отверстия также все ровные, нет заусенцев. Вылет лезвий одинаковый, аналоги данного стоянка стоят в разы дороже.

  37. Sergio Malta Teixeira

    My favorite razor from the ones that I have (8).

  38. E.

    You can’t really go wrong with this razor. For little less than 100 you also get a lots of free stuff like blades, brush and soap samples and the razor comes with a stand. The razors shaves really nice and it doesn’t feel aggressive, but it’s very efficient at the same time. This could be an ideal razor and starting pack for someone new to wet shaving.

  39. Dmytro Drozd

    The razor is wonderful. At position 3.5 with the original blades shaves just gorgeous. The razor is heavy but the shave is very soft and almost no blade is felt. In three passes of shaving the result is very effective. The razor is a masterpiece not only visually but also effectively. Pleasantly surprised by gifts from the company – shaving swab and shaving soaps and blades. Everything is just wonderful. My score is 5. I can only recommend this razor. Thank you company.

  40. Mr. Meng

    Excellent razor. Looks good, nice weight. The package it comes with is value packed. I appreciate the brush, blades, and soap samples that comes with it. To me, the shave is smoother than a Rex Ambassador. Well done!

  41. Harvey Wareham

    An excellent razor, very well made and superb value. It is efficient even on low numbers and gives lovely smooth shaves

  42. Alessandro

    Class A razor, very high quality. Top class materials, manufacturing and customer service. Came along with a lot of samples and gifts. Highly recommended

  43. Christoph K.

    Ich habe den Flexi aus der v3 Serie.
    Nach dem die Produktion fertig war. Wurde er echt schnell verschickt und ich hatte ihn bin 5 Tagen Zuhause. Die Fehler mit der Top Cap so wie der krumme Klingenspallt sind korrigiert worden. Es ist ein super Teil die Anzeigen unterschie zum r e x sind Der Griff und das Material.
    Dazu hatte ich über den Support noch seife und pre mitbestellt. Kann ich nur jedem ans Herz legen. Zudem ist der Support super. Und das ganze dann über WhatsApp. einfach und unkompliziert. Als alles angekommen ist war ich sehr positiv überrascht zusätzlich hab ich noch nen schönen kleinen pinsel und 50 Klingen bekommen. Die sogar recht brauchbar sind.
    Fazit: Wer nicht unbedingt einen teuren Konzernten braucht, einen Verstellbaren Rasierer sucht ist mit dem Flexi super ausgerüstet. 100% Kaufempfehlung bin schwer begeistert.

  44. Nicola Genovese

    Ottimo rasoio…perfetto fatto bene nei minimi dettagli, mi riservo di scrivere anche dopo averlo provato. Gentilissimi disponibili e velocissimi consiglio assolutamente questa ditta a chi ama i regolabili

  45. Alessandro Chiappe (verified owner)

    Well-made razor, complete and rich packaging, fast shipping. I have many razors, but this Pearl is winning my heart.

  46. Dr. Ravi Sreenivasan

    A must buy!

    The razor has excellent construction. Looks nice and has considerable weight. At setting 1 paired with a sharp and smooth blade like SuperMax Platinum Plus or Voskhod, the razor is ultra mild yet very efficient. The result you get an irritation free smooth shave with no nicks.

    The entire package feels premium quality. Included are a stand, soaps, a set of DE blades and a nice synthetic brush. All add to a wonderful experience.

  47. Kay

    Excellent razor. A really great device at an absolutely great price.
    Also, great service. I am really impressed and satisfied all round.

  48. Ronny

    Got my Flexi yesterday and i‘m pretty impresed. The Flexi is a well made Razor , really good Quality for a nice Price. The First Shave was Great , got a nice BBS Shave on my Head and on my Face as well ! It could be a little longer, but maybe there will be another Razor in the Future? Well done Pearl 😀

  49. edward.cheng

    such a wonderful razor ! solid and good quality 👍

  50. Onofrio Troisi

    Wow !!! incredible great razor ! I’ve been wet shaving for a long time and this razor really does the trick. Adjustment perfect a work art to look at just a perfect razor a must have.

  51. Emmanuel Drakakis

    This is an excellent razor, very balanced, and over the value for money. Congratulations is given to th people who create this shaving tool. I am very satisfied also from the excelent service of the Pearl company (just a pearl!!!). Keep going.

  52. Trevor W

    Fantastic razor, well built, on the heavier side but perfectly balanced. Great workmanship, with no blemishes or alignment issues. Used on setting 5 with a Super Shave X blade and got a smooth and irritation free shave in 2 passes. Top notch customer services, great communication and super quick delivery.

    An excellent quality package, I would definitely purchase more products from Pearl in the future.

  53. gainutdinov6@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Получил заказ 23.03.2021г. Доставка 7 дней, очень быстро,супер! Все пришло без замечаний. Станок отличный, отдельное спасибо за подарки. Бритвой побрился уже два раза. Сказать что понравилось – ни чего не сказать! Побрился комфортно, чисто, без порезов в отличнейший DFS! Можно было и чище, но не стал пока эксперементировать. Бритье абсолютно не травматичное, ни порезов, ни точек,через 20-30 минут забыл, что брился. Брился сразу на 6, лезвие “Спутник”. Очень рекомендую к покупке. Команде pearlshaving огромное спасибо за отличнейший продукт!

  54. Владимир

    Получил на конец то свой долгожданный Flexsi. Ну красавец!!! Берёшь в руки и – полная нирвана. Солидный, тяжёлый и привлекательный! Команда Pearl – ,большие молодцы: создали просто чудо! Огромное Вам спасибо! В работе ещё не был ( жду когда подойдёт щетина). В комплекте много приятных вещей: брелок, помазок, мыло (правда, по чему-то 2 одинаковые коробочки), блок лезвий. Мелочь, а так приятно! Особенно поразили сроки доставки: с момента “отправили” до получения всего 5 дней (Екатеринбург)! Космос!!!

  55. Hector Colon

    This pearl flexi is a fantastic razor the built quantity is second to none. The shave on setting 4 was one of the best bbs shave I received from a adjustable razor in a long time. Do not hesitate to buy the pearl flexi razor you will not regretted. Great Job Pearl continue the good work.

  56. Paul

    A great razor & it seems the initial teething problems have now been solved. A very good shave straight out of the box on number 3. There’s no learning curve with the Flexi unlike many razors out there. I used the Flexi with the artisan shaving soap supplied and a Derby premium blade ( you have to use a blade you are familiar with when testing a new razor ). This soap likes water and comes alive with a little extra water All in all great products. Highly recommended.

  57. David Evans

    Great quality and a wonderful razor. Exceptional quality especially at this price. Communication was excellent and delivery was fast and efficient. Thank you!

  58. Peter Spielberg (verified owner)

    Ein exzellenter Adjustable und damit ein überaus würdiger Nachfolger seines Urahnen, dem Gibbs Reglable. Die Qualität überzeugt, Verarbeitungsmängel hat mein Flexi nicht. Ich empfehle diesen sehr gut rasierenden Sicherheitsrsierer uneingeschränkt weiter.

  59. Konstantin

    Great razor!! One of the Best shavers I’ve ever tried! If anyone doubts the purchase, buy you will not regret it.

  60. Matthias P

    I tried many safety razors the past years. Like Rockwell 6s, Rex Ambassador, Homelikeshaving Taiga, Merkur Progress, Razorock Gamechanger and Baby Smooth.
    So when i heard about this Razor i became curious.

    I ordered from the third batch, received it a few days ago. I had four shaves.
    Well… I see a very well made razor, heavy. And beautiful. Looks even better than on the photos.
    I started with an Astra blade which i know very well.
    All shaves were extraordinary good. Smooth and close. A little bit similar to the rex Ambassador, but smoother with a better face feel, though closer.
    Less blade feel than the rex, and less blade feel than the Progress.
    As smooth or at least similar to the Rockwell 6s at r6 but more efficient.
    The flexi was tested up to setting 5.

    My conclusion…
    This Razor is very well built and the shaves are extraordinary.

    Its a joy to use and worth every €$£ or whatever.
    I also appreciate the nice razor stand, the brush and soaps etc delivered with the razor.

  61. Frank Naumann

    Machen wir es kurz: Top Rasierhobel.
    Ich hatte bisher ca. 10 unterschiedliche Modelle unterschiedlicher Marken: Schmetterling, verstellbar 3- oder 2teiler: Alles dabei. Dieser Rasierhobel macht seinen Namen alle Ehre: Eine wahre Perle. Top Wert in den nächsten Kategorien sind auch fünf Sterne. Im Einzelnen:
    Material und Verarbeitung: *****; Rasierleistung und Preis-Leistungsverhältnis: *****; Design u. Wertigkeitsgefühl: *****; Verpackung u. Lieferung: ***** und mindestens so wichtig wie die vorgenannten Punkte:
    Service u. Kommunikation: ***** (summa cum laude). Ich hatte einen Hobel mit dem bekannten Spaltproblem: Problemloser Ersatz ohne Trara und ohne zusätzliche Kosten Das Wichtigste: Er funktioniert tadellos!
    Fazit: Tolles Kauf- und Rasiererlebnis, -ergebnis bei null Hautproblemen. Der beste Rasierhobel, den ich bisher hatte. Bin mal gespannt, war Pearl in Zukunft an neue Modellen bringt wird, diese Hobel wird schwer zu toppen sein.
    Zum Schluss noch einmal meinen Dank an Dhara für die angenehme und professionelle Begleitung während des Kaufprozesses. Auch hier: ***** summa cum laude. Der Service wird schwer zu toppen sein!

  62. Randy

    I purchased the Pearl Flexi V.2 after viewing several positive reviews on YouTube. My wait time was minimal. The communication was outstanding and I received my international package in about 4 days after receiving shipment confirmation. All I can say is wow, even with the virus challenges. We have been having some challenges with much closer domestic packages getting here in weeks, not days. My first impression was very positive. The presentation package is first class. The weight is very good. The knurling on the handle is very good. Loading the blade is very easy as is the adjustments being positive. The razor is very well made based on my initial experience.. The razor blades are very good, as-well-as the other items in the package. In my opinion, this is an extremely good value and I highly recommend this company and product. If I had one wish it would be for an offering in high polished chrome and only because that finish seems to glide slightly better. That is my wish/preference, not an issue with the razor. This will be my go to razor going forward. Thank you Pearl for a solid build. I would like to put in a wish for your next creation…please consider an adjustable razor with twist-to-open top for loading the blades. That would, in my opinion, take this fantastic razor platform to another level.

  63. Vladimir

    The shaver is comfortable and friendly at minimum settings. At maximum settings, aggression is added within reasonable limits.

  64. Mike

    I’m very pleased with my purchase.
    The initial wait was quite annoying, it took a week and several emails post payment to get the flexi razor shipped out. But once it was shipped it arrived in 4 days. That is speedy international postage!
    My razor is from the 3rd run of production. When it arrived the first thing I checked for was the blade gap issue that was a big problem on the 1st version. The gap was perfect at all settings, so I was very pleased with that.
    There’s some minor cosmetic issues with the top cap, there is a linear 3mm line on one side that looks like it was a scratch on the cap pre plating and also a couple of blemishes. They don’t affect its performance at all its just once you notice it it nags at you. The inside of the box was damaged like whoever packed it wasn’t careful about how they put the razor in the slot as it was all torn like it had been forced in or pulled out roughly at some point pre packing.
    I have had 2 shaves so far with the razor.
    It is a heavier razor as its all brass but I like the weight and prefer heavier razors.
    The build quality is very solid. No trouble switching settings while shaving and there is no trouble holding the razor with wet soapy hands.
    Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  65. Pedro Cardona

    I waited a while after many reviews, there were some initial issues with the Flexi so just like anything new wanted to wait after the kinks and improvements were made.

    I am very satisfied with the V3 I received. Nice and hefty, shaved just as good as my Rex at a more reasonable price point. Fit and finish are excellent. No issues with uneven gaps. Honestly the Rex is a piece if art and the SS justifies the price. But if I had the chance to try both , I would save my money and get the Flexi.

    The additional items you get, stand, brush, soap and extra blades makes this an absolute winner.

    If I had one minor issue, is that the adjustment ring needs a bit of texture. If your hands are wet it’s a bit slippery and makes it hard to adjust. That’s the only reason it did not get 5 stars from me. Sounds kinda petty but it counts.

    I commend Pearl for listening to customers and making the Flexi as good as it can be.

    Maybe something to look at for V4?

    The texture on the handle is very good and

  66. Paul

    I have a LOT of razors. This one is very impressive for the $$$. It is quite heavy and the build quality is excellent. If I had one suggestion it would be to change the knurling on the handle to one with more grip. It is not slippery but I prefer lots of grip. Other than that You cannot beat this value.

  67. Conny Magnusson

    I have now shaved 2 times with the Pearl Flexi razor.
    I have had very nice shaves.

    No problems with the razor (batch 3),
    and I had no problems with the razor weight (142 gram).

    The only “concern” (a small one) I have with the razor is the knurling on the handle.
    I would like to have a more “aggressive” knurling, because of the razor weight.

    A very good value for the money I spent on the razor.

    Fast delivery of the razor,
    it took about 3-4 days from India to Sweden

    Good job with the razor Pearl Shaving 👍🏽

  68. George Halkias (verified owner)

    Simply the best razor that I have use. Very deep and smooth shave. Top quality on excellent price. Great communication from pearl’s team.

  69. koenfucius (verified owner)

    A very pleasant discovery. Price/quality, it’s a steal. I own nearly 200 razors, including some top end and many nice vintage razors – I am not saying that it is going to replace my top razors, but it will certainly find a place in my rotation. It’s very comfortable, even at the highest setting and efficient. I deduct one star because it’s a bit too heavy. I prefer my razors a bit lighter. Nevertheless, warmly recommended.

  70. Paul

    Three shaves in and I am very impressed with both the quality of the razor and the shave achieved. All settings give me a smooth close shave using different blades each time. Quality of construction, balance and appearance are excellent. Customer service, delivery has been excellent from the beginning and the extras thrown in with the order for try are much appreciated. Overall I would highly recommend the Pearl Flexi Adjustable razor.

  71. Murat Yüksel

    Türkiye’den almak isteyenler olabileceğini düşünerek yorumumu Türkçe yapıyorum. Öncelikle sitedeki arkadaşlar inanılmaz ilgililer. Ürün UPS ile çok hızlı bir şekilde bir haftada İstanbul Gümrüğüne ulaştı. Bir hafta da gümrükteki işlemleri sürdü ve toplamda iki hafta sonunda Flexi elimdeydi. Alet 140 gramlık ağırlığıyla ben buradayım diyor ve müthiş şık. Ayar mekanizması sorunsuz. Jilet açıklığı iki tarafta da eşit. Jilet yerleştirme gap kısmı ve söküp takma ayar mekanizması sorunsuz. Standı şık. Her ayarı tek tek denedim. En ufak bir sıkıntı yok. Tıraş esnasında ıslak ve köpüklü ellerimle ayar değiştirmede de sıkıntı veya zorluk yaşamadım. İlk tıraşımı 4.ayarla yaptım. 2.tıraşımda 5.ayarı kullandım ve galiba benim ayarım 5.ayar. Düzeltmeler için ayar düşürdüm sadece. Tıraşı akıp gidiyor. Keyifli bir tıraş vaadediyor. Ürün kesinlikle fiyatından fazlasını hakediyor. Ürünün esinlendiği Çelik ürünü de (Rex) kullanmış biri olarak flexi ile de kesinlikle aynı hazzı ve aynı hissiyatı yaşadığımı söylemem gerek. Kısacası ben flexiye bayıldım. Ben flexiyi çok sevdim. Tavsiye ediyorum. On numara beş yıldız. Bendeki flexi Mart 2021 üretimi.

  72. Dmitry

    Ordered a Pearl flexi razor to Ukraine Kiev Arrived in 1.5 weeks, brought under the house by courier, the track was tracked (nice). The box is super, the razor is beautiful, very precise work on the CNC machine, the quality is impeccable, I also liked the stand, it’s heavy !!! , as a gift they put a shaving brush and two different shaving soaps, 55 blades instead of 50. I was very surprised by the gifts and very pleased with the Pearl flexi razor. I recommend the seller.

  73. Hadeel nayif (verified owner)

    Great razor.. easy to use wonder shaving angle easy to find.. heavy razor do not need to use pressure razor do the job.. I received with shaving soap which Nice sence and give Nice gluid to razor.. it will be first number one razor I love it.. and it come with stand.. I enjoy wet shaving with this razor and very good quality thank you pearl flexi.. only I received 50 blades.. I think customs they take from it.. as they put label say it been checked
    I love this razor and thank you pearl .
    I give it 5 stars

  74. Razorrazo

    A few days ago, my Pearl Flexi Razor arrived. At first the razor looks nice and it comes with a solid stand.

    The finish is beautiful and it looks very nice, the first 3 shave with the Flexi razor… very smooth and efficient.

    Unfortunately, I have an alignment problem with the Flexi, from Level 2.5 until 6 the bladegab goes uneven.

  75. Ralf Berenbrinker (verified owner)

    Vielen Dank für diesen tollen Rasierer. Ich bin positiv überrascht, dass er mit einen Schönen Pinsel, Klingen und zwei Rasiercremes geliefert wurde.
    Das Paket hatte eine Laufzeit von 3 Tagen.

  76. Simbatre

    Hello Pearl Team,
    Your Flexi razor is a great look, super gentle, just right for sensitive skin and the additions were of course super.
    you could start right away.

    So keep it up and see you next order.


  77. Edwin Blankestijn

    What an amazing razor, a very bbs shave , no nicks. For this money it is an very nice DE, i can hardly believe that you can manufacture this quality for this price. The service is extremely good, and it comes with extra’s. Pearl thanks for the quick delivery and this very nice razor. I will be watching you’re site for new developments.

  78. Heinz (verified owner)

    Über den Pearl Flexi ist schon viel Positives berichtet worden. Dem kann ich mich nur anschließen. Der Rasierer macht einen sehr wertigen Eindruck. Meine erste Rasur war sanft und gründlich. Wichtig für mich, ich habe weder eine gerötete Haut noch einen Rasurbrand bekommen.

    An das höhere Gewicht muss ich mich noch gewöhnen. Auch muss ich noch herausfinden welche Einstellungen am besten zu mir passen.

    Hervorheben möchte ich den ausgezeichneten Service. Meine e-mails wurden umgehend beantwortet, mein Zahlungswunsch prompt akzeptiert und der Versand ging schnell vonstatten. Dem Paket waren noch Geschenke in Form von 2 Rasierseifen und 50 Rasierklingen beigefügt. Auch dafür vielen Dank.

    Den Rasierer und den gebotenen Service kann ich mit gutem Gewissen weiterempfehlen.

  79. roberto

    È la prima volta che mi esprimo per un prodotto da me acquistato,ma credo sia doveroso dare un grosso plauso sia all azienda sia ai suoi dipendenti per la serietà e professionalita oltre che di fiducia al cliente.Il primo rasoio mi era arrivato con un difetto di tipo estetico,ho comunicato la notizia e mi hanno mandato un rasoio sostitutivo,semplicemente eccezionale ,vi auguro ogni bene e grazie ancora

  80. RV

    Ordering has been a great experience: very communicative, helpful, friendly. Package arrived with a lot of extras. Razor is very well finished, looking great, and has proven, after a few shaves, to deliver a very nice shave. Price-quality and price-performance are great on this Pearl Flexi.

  81. Christian Hecker

    Very good razor with a great workmanship! Very gentle and above all close shaves!
    For the price an absolute insider tip for the German and European market!
    Big compliments to Pearl!

  82. Vladimir

    Great razor! A great razor. Great equipment! Nice equipment! Thanks to the manufacturer.

  83. Josef (verified owner)

    Outstanding Client Service by Dhara
    – Updates for the order via email and Whatsapp
    – Very fast sending, from India to Germany in four days
    – Many nice presents ( two soaps, blades, brush and a dooropener). Very kind and thanks!
    – I have the V4 Flexi and the razor looks very nice. Very high build quality and my Flexi has a perfect alignment
    – I had already two good shaves with the Flexi. Smooth and efficient at the same time.
    – #2 feels like my Karve B and around #3 it’s like the Karve C
    – For a very fair price you get a quality tool!
    – 100 percent recommendation!!!
    All the best & take care

  84. Thomas

    Received my copy last week.
    It was shipped to Germany in only two days.
    Quality looks perfect.
    Using it on setting 4 and I am very pleased with the mild and efficient shaves.

    Communication with Dhara is outstanding.
    My order got confirmed with an estimated delivery date, received an update about progress, clear payment instructions, shipment confirmation with tracking id, super fast delivery… just perfect.

    Thanks Dhara !

  85. Александр

    Качественный, тяжелый, эффективный, мягкий станок для бритья = отличное бритье с разными лезвиями. Станок лёгкий в управлении и бархатный в бритье. Отличная работа.

  86. Karl (verified owner)

    My Pearl Flexi is from the 4th batch.
    Optics, production and finish are of high quality.
    There are 6 levels for shaving, so you can get a very close shave without being aggressive.
    Ordering, payment and shipping went smoothly,
    Questions are answered quickly and completely.
    You all do a very good job.
    Thank you also for the gifts (shaving soap, razor blades and shaving brushes).
    Best regards from Germany.

    Translated with http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  87. Thomas H

    Awesome razor! Awesome customer service and packaging. No defects perfect blade alignment and finish. My best razor and an awesome deal and value. Worth far more than the price. Buy one now!!!

  88. Michalis

    I ordered the pearl flexi razor v5 because it is at 1/5 of the rex ambassador price. the razor is very sturdy and gives a sweet shave. It is the second and last razor I get because it is perfect !!!The service and communication is extremely good, as a gift they put a shaving brush and two different shaving soap!
    Thank you Pearl for this amazing razor!!!

  89. Игорь

    Ну вот и я получил свой станок. К станку прилагались некоторые подарки (помазок, упаковка лезвий, две баночки мыла). Сам станок изготовлен отлично. Все зазоры равномерны, фрезеровка качественная. Бреет классно. Комплектные лезвия, без нареканий, не ожидал, отлично.

  90. Viacheslav

    Happy about everything. Superb packaging, lot of stuff – everything you need: blades, easy lathering soap. nice comfy synthetic brush and a stand. Quality is very good, everything works nice, easy assemble, had no issues withj alignment. Got decent shaves, for me its the range of 1.5-2.5 to get DFS shave. Higher settings are harsh for my skin, but need to test with other blades. Overall quite happy with purchase, worth every dollar.

  91. Emre VARLIK

    this is a great razor for this price. I’m having my best shaves with flexi. There is only one thing that I can say needs to be adjusted. When you put the blade and top cap in place, if you don’t hold the top cap with your fingers and try to tighten razor top cap tends to rotate. So you need to hold the top cap from the sides when you tighten the Flexi. Everything else is great with Flexi. Highly recommended for this price.

  92. shavemaster

    Before i write about the razor, I want to tell you all about the next to none customer service that pearl has sworn to offer us!

    The WhatsApp is handled by a woman named “DHARA”. She has got me addicted to pearl shaving products. Believe me guys, You will not experience such an exceptional customer service anywhere else on EARTH. Amazon, eBay, etc., all such e-comm. giants are left behind in the dust. It is by far, the best in the whole e-comm industry. I was shockingly surprised by their treatment. They even exchange/refund products which were purchased almost 6 months back ! Now, who does that ? None that i know of ! It was almost a no questions asked return. A return process which is as smooth as the FLEXI 😀 ! I am hooked to pearl ! She will make you buy things you think will not be needed but u will end up loving the item when it arrives. She is most KIND, Professional and generous lady I have come across! Flawless communication. She is SO SKILLED. Trust me gentlemen, she will spoil you by her Professional & Classy Service.I have always found surprises in my packages. I am sure many of you, by now, are well aware of Miss D’s meritorious service. What a Laudable customer care. It is almost therapeutic 😛 MAN, Love it so far!

    Lets come to the razor now.

    The razor came well packed and in a beautifully wrapped in a protective plastic adhesive cover and also contained unexpected freebies [Dhara, I owe u :)] 2 small shaving soaps, a bright orange synthetic brush and 100 willy’s premium blades. All of this at an industry beating price!!!! Absolutely no shaving company treats their customers as pearl does. It cheered me up and i was very happy to receive these gifts. They even included a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the dust/soap residue off this beautiful piece of art.

    I have got many adjustable razors but this one is the most aesthetically pleasing. I loaded a fresh willys blade and dialed in setting 4 for my 1.5 days growth, and at the first stroke, i knew this was something else. The weight distribution on this one is amazing, It was a bit too much more for me so i quickly dialed it back to 3 and WOW! so smooth and irritation free glide i.e. by far the smoothest and most efficient without being aggressive! What a beautiful shave ! Baby butt smooth without irritation or cuts(make sure your prep your face properly).
    THIS RAZOR IS EVEN BETTER THAN THE PARKER (another Indian razor company) VARIANT adjustable razor. The build quality is just mind blowing.
    This razor is a BARGAIN. Everyone should have one in their cabinet. So if you haven’t decided on this, JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES & ORDER ONE NOW. There is absolutely no need to buy the insanely expensive identical REX Adj. razor. COZ This might be the one and only survivor in my cabinet. I am thinking to sell the rest already !

    I have almost purchased the all the products that pearl has to offer. All credit goes to Dhara ji and Dipesh ji for for making quality products which are even better than the foreign ones.

    Thank you PEARL !

  93. K@y

    Thank you for the excellent product! Very fast delivery in a very well packed package. The shaver makes a very high quality impression and is very solid and great workmanship. I can highly recommend!
    Thanks also for the free additions! Since I was very pleased!
    Overall, highly recommended!
    -thx from germany-

  94. Finny Pirat

    The perfect shaver!
    Today got the package with the great new Flexi 4 razor. In addition, various gifts were added, about which I was very happy.
    The razor was tested immediately. Class! Very good quality, great work, looks very classy. Absolute recommendation!
    Also the shaving soaps and the Post Shave Lotion are very good! Thus certainly not the last order!
    Thanks again also for the excellent service!

  95. Alessandro

    fabulous razor, very nice packaging. Excellent customer service and much appreciated gifts. Absolutely recommended

  96. Basil (verified owner)

    I just received the v5 Flexi. Finish is superb, alignment good, very smooth. Built like a tank – same construction as my slim but triple plate satin over heavy brass and exactly double the weight. This thing will survive WW3 and 4. Used it on setting 2 with respect just now with a trucut. Face like glass, no red. Sent with a free syn brush, preshave oil, posts have lotion and 55 Wilkinson blades (no willy’s 😄) . The fact that India in the middle of such a challenge can produce such a stellar copy of a Gibbs speaks highly of their national character in the face of adversity. Worth the wait and even worth twice the price IMHO. Cheers.

  97. Alberto

    La construcción de altisima calidad, funcional al 100% despues de la revisión.
    Pesada con muy buen agarre, facil de cargar la cuchilla y de desmontar.
    Desde su primer numero ya afeita bien y puedes ajustarla hasta encontrar tu numero ideal o bien ajustarla segun la cantidad de barba que tengas.
    En los numero altos es bastante agresiva y recomiendo estirar bien la piel y no hacer fuerza.
    Sencillamente con esta maquinilla no necesitas nada mas!

  98. rav4golf (verified owner)

    The finishing on this razor is impeccable. The issues with V1 are resolved in this version. I believe this is V2 fifth production run.
    Also Pearl has listened to customers feedback and now the sides of top cap will catch the edge of base plate which makes loading of the blade much easier (safer).
    Overall very impressive shaver coupled with excellent customer service. Thank you.
    Just for info: the free gifts of lotion, though much appreciated, does not sit well with customs because they are liquid; my package was opened for checking and the bottles were not closed properly, so there were a huge mess. Maybe shaving soap in the form of a puck is a better idea.

  99. Vannucci Claudio

    One of the best Razor ever

  100. Brendon Briggs (verified owner)

    What a nice razor! Well crafted and weighted. The shave is superb. Close and smooth. The package came with a nice surprise; many extra unexpected products. Shave balm, pre shave oil, blades and more! The package came in good time and in perfect condition. The presentation box for the Pearl Flexi is classy and one you can proudly place in any shave den. The service and follow up was also pleasant and unexpected. The people at Pearl Shaving really care about their product and their customers. Thank you Pearl Shaving!

  101. Rob (verified owner)

    Very nice razor. Good weight.

  102. Adam

    The razor makes a very valuable impression visually and haptically.
    Right away I managed a gentle, thorough and sustainable shave.
    The high weight of the razor does not bother at all, is very pleasant.
    An excellent price-performance ratio!
    The correspondence with Pearl went completely smoothly, the service simply exemplary.
    My special thanks go to Dhara!
    Absolute purchase recommendation!

  103. Franzoni Giorgio

    Tutto perfetto !

  104. Blair farrend

    Just received the v6 flexi from Pearl and what a beautiful razor. It functioned flawlessly. I also was surprised to see all the extra goodies in the box. What a great company to deal with!!

  105. Sergio (verified owner)

    Superiore alle mie aspettative, esteticamente il rasoio è impeccabile. La cosa che più mi ha impressionato è l’efficacia in tutte le regolazioni sicuramente un rasoio definitivo molto gestibile ma da trattare con rispetto anche con regolazione 1 avevo qualche dubbio sul peso prima di usarlo ma devo dire invece che è ben bilanciato rendendo la rasatura molto confortevole sono molto contento dell’acquisto e posso affermare che è un rasoio da avere assolutamente per la sua qualità costruttiva ,per la sua efficacia e per la sua bellezza

  106. Errol Wellington

    Great razor, I was really tacked back by the quality and the extra items in the package. I really appreciate d the personal touch from Dhara, the kind of input you receive from a five star company.

  107. Maurizio

    Great razor . Very close and smooth shave. my best adjustable razor. Excellent customer service.

  108. SANJAY P

    Excellent quality

  109. Bogdan Stoica (verified owner)

    Very happy with the razor. I used so far settings 3 and 4, with Wizamets Super Iridium and Gillette Permasharp. I would recommend 3 for ATG shaving, as 4 is a bit too aggresive.

    Super service and Dhara was very helpful. Highly recommended!

  110. Felix (verified owner)

    Very nicely made razor. Enjoy the shaves with it. The package includes lot of goodies and the shipping was very fast. Excellent product.

  111. Brad M

    Best safety razor I have ever used, excellent. I would also highly recommend the shaving accessories, pre shave oil, brush, soap, blades and post shave cream. All top notch.
    Pearl razor is easy to use and gives a close shave. Variable settings allow for different beard types.

  112. Özgür

    I ordered this razor from Germany and i love it. This is great and quality razor!
    The size, the weight and the workmanship of the razor is great. I can recommend it to everyone. Great job guys.

  113. Рустам (verified owner)

    Я заказал эту бритву в апреле, с уведомлением от производителя, что отправка будет осуществлена в конце мая (20-25 мая), так как бритва раскупается сразу! Уже 10-го июня я получил свою посылку и был очень обрадован качеством всех продуктов и дополнительными подарками, которые производитель отправил мне в виде бонусов. Всем рекомендую эту бритву!!! Производитель очень надежный и ответственный!

  114. Paulo Leitao

    Very nice well made razor, very solid, and all the times that I used I get very close shaves, without any irritation or cuts.
    Mine was from the 5th batch, and the fit and finish are excellent, very nice razor.
    So far I’m enjoying very much the Pearl Flexi, a very well made razor, very enjoyable and easy to use, and the most important, the results are awesome, always very close shaves, I’m using mostly setting 3 or 4 for WTG and 2 for ATG and 1.5 for touch ups, with a bear growth of 36-48h, typically I only do 2 passes and touch ups.
    For comparison, I have several safety razors, namely Razorock Gamechanger 0.84, Edwin Jagger 3one6 and DE89, Rockwell 6C, Henson AL13 Medium, Muhle R41, Fatip Lo Storto OC, just to mention some of them, and I believe so far, only with 3 uses, that I only achieve this kind of shaves with the Muhle R41, but the Muhle R41 is by far more aggressive, what I nice razor that Pearl have made, I definitely recommend this razor to everyone.
    The shipping was very fast from India to Portugal, 3/4 days, the communication with Dhara was outstanding, and thank you very much for the gifts.

  115. Stefan Leitner

    Excellent service and a very great and quality top razor!!
    I`m very happy and special thanks to Dhara!!!
    Best regards from Germany

  116. Olaf (verified owner)

    Best Razor for the price… basically best adjustable razor imho. I am Fully satisfied.
    Comparing to Merkur 500, Merkur Futur, Rockwell 6, Rex Ambassador, Gillette Slim Adjustable, Merkur Vision, Gibbs Reglable this is my favorite adjustable razor (not even considering the price).
    This is all the razor you need. I also owned the Rex Ambassador which had the same manufacturing Problem as the First Pearl Flexi I received.

  117. Olaf (verified owner)

    Continued review…My first Pearl Flexi I received was defective, but I got sent a replacement. Although it took quite a while to get to me I can recommend the customer service as reliable.

  118. Howard

    I ordered my pearl flexi razor in April received it at the end of May during this process I received regular updates. The razor is very well made and surprisingly heavy its a brilliant shave I’ve used it a my daily razor I do a 3 pass shave start on 6 then three then one no razor burn and a very smooth shave I would highly recommend one
    The package came with free gifts lovely touch and love the razor blades too 5☆ this business needs our support

  119. Danish Janjua (verified owner)

    I received my order and was impressed with the presentation as well as the quality of craftsmanship which is excellent . To me it feels a little heavy compared to my merkur 23C, unusually I found the top cap to be too light which has a tendency to fly out of my hand.
    First shave I loaded it with a Personna Red blade and set it to a 3, the shave was smooth with no nicks or cuts and I could feel the blade doing it’s work. After two passes it felt BBS which is impressive indeed.
    I would highly reccommend it.

  120. Govardhanen Gopal

    This is a really well made solid razor. This is one of my first forays into artisanal high end razors. This is just an exceptionally well built razor. It is robust and heavy and gives me an amazingly good shave every time that I have used it. It took some time to arrive since I requested to be on the wait list, but it is well worth it. I would highly recommend this at this price point. I got the v6 version of it for future reference.

  121. Dmitry

    Good device!

  122. Martin

    After a few shaves I can recommend the Pearl Flexi Adjustable. It provides a smooth and thorough shave and the high weight of the razor causes no trouble. I am also very satisfied with the customer service, very communicative and they performes an exemplary transaction.

  123. thisisavik (verified owner)

    Best Shaving Razor I ever own. Better than the Best. No cuts, no nicks, Its BBS after pass 2. Excellent invention of the Team of Pearl Shaving. Hats off…

  124. Ganapati (verified owner)

    This is a really solid razor.Excellent service and a very great and quality top razor.I am Fully satisfied.👍

  125. Vladimir

    I received my shaver and immediately decided to give it a try. I shaved on settings from 4 to 1 and overall shave was comfortable on all settings. I used a Sputnik blade.

  126. Mauro

    The razor arrived a few days ago, I was very satisfied with both the packaging and the razor, which I have already used and allowed me to shave very satisfactorily. I am very happy to have purchased it and it is a great discovery this razor from Pearl.

  127. Apurba Mazumdar

    The waiting is over. I got my Flexi at last. The razor came in an international quality package. Solid razor with greatest flexibility from mildest to most aggressive setting without any harshness at any level. The built quality is impeccable. This can be a daily driver to any wet shaver. Many thanks to Pearl shaving for this unique piece of razor.

  128. pommier frederic

    hello. concern of alignment with my first pearl flexi, an email with proof and the sav did what was necessary. since then it has become my everyday razor.

  129. Luca magnanelli

    Well, first things first.
    Shipment was perfect. It took only five days to be delivered to Italy.
    Once I opened the box I found not only the razor, but 50 blades, pre-shave oil, post shave balm and a shaving brush!!
    The razor is beatiful, although it is a bit heavy I like to shave with it, especially because the possibility to continuosly adapt the gap.
    I tested different settings. At 6 you can feel the blade on your skin, but nevertheless is very gentle. At 1 is very mild. In the middle you have a wide varaiety of “feelings”
    Given the price (including clearance costs) I consider myself a very satisfied customer .

  130. Vivek Bajaj (verified owner)

    I bought this a couple of months ago. The shipment was perfect and delivery was on time as promised. I was very happy with the packaging. I have now used it for the last 2 months and am very happy with it. The razor feels a bit heavy, but it is perfect in size. There are no issues with the blade alignment or settings. I have tried a variety of setting combinations with different blades and was happy with shave every time. I was also able to get a one pass bbs shave at the higher settings adjustment thanks to the weight of the razor. Do give it a try. I am very proud that it is made in India. Keep up the great work Pearl. Thank you!

  131. Johnny H.

    Build quality and finishing is excellent. The Flexi feels solid and substantial. The variety of shaves you get from the adjustment gives a nice range to work with; from very mild to quite efficient. This really lets the user fine tune their shave to their skin, blade or experience level. Pearl’s customer service is great and the extra goodies they included were very generous. Shipping was quick even from India to US. A permium razor that is well worth the price!

  132. PETER CHENG (verified owner)

    The customer service is good and friendly, the product has a high CP value, a smooth appearance and an amazing shaving effect. As for the problem that the product needs to be improved, the manufacturer should be very clear that if it can solve the existing problem, it will be a perfect adjustable safety razor. Here, I recommend it to everyone!

  133. Pieter (verified owner)

    The Flexi is real value for money, version 2 eliminated the flaws and it works perfectly. Ordering this razor will in addition give you a nice synthetic shaving brush, shaving balm and oil. I was impressed. Thank you.

  134. DR KAUSIK BASU (verified owner)

    I had read through, and watched almost all reviews I could lay my hands on, before placing the order for the Flexi.
    I had read the negatives about V 1.0 and the positives and mixed reactions about V2.0 and was a bit unsure about what I would end up receiving,when u finally placed my order.
    I will be very frank.
    When the package arrived and I eagerly started opening it, I had not expected the contents to be anything near what they actually were.
    That’s the only term I can use.
    The packaging, the razor itself, the various goodies that I had never expected….all simply blew me away!
    When I took the razor out, the weight and finish surprised me yet again.
    It is one hefty tool!
    The shine and finish are immaculate.
    The red dot on the settings’ dial is prominent enough to allow even presbyopics like me to adjust it without putting on my glasses every now and then…as with the Merkur Progress and the Parker Variant( both of which I happen to possess)
    One can adjust smoothly from 1 through 6…and everywhere in between …and have the shave he desires, in a jiffy.
    The entire razor is flawless and feels and looks premium.
    It is something that should be possessed by most Indian traditional wet shavers and it should make them proud.
    The BBS shave is something one may achieve effortlessly, simply by using the heft of the razor , and the proper shaving angle, provided one shaves with a feather light touch and a not too sharp blade like say, a Parker or an Astra.
    It is at par with great, internationally reputed products and is bound to carve a niche for itself , and not become lost in the melee .

    Keep up the good work Pearl!
    Promise less, deliver more and the world will be your playground!
    Looking forward to the all steel ( marine grade) version as well.
    And many, many more wonderful tools in the years to come.

  135. Michael

    The razor is just what the doctor ordered. It is well finished and machined. The razor is easy to use and the packaging and extras included are a fantastic and top quality. I would not hesitate to recommend the product to even the most discerning wet shaver. The service – first rate I can’t say enough good things about this company.

  136. Alessio Cianflone (verified owner)

    Fantastic razor at a competitive price. Effective and gentle cut.

  137. Reman Ramesh Nair (verified owner)

    I had known that this looks and is designed very similar to the Rex Ambassador from the US. That was a razor which had got a lot of great reviews as well as the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty and is made of marine grade SS. After I picked up the Pearl Flexi, at one fourth the price but equally as good both in terms of looks and performance, I was glad that I didn’t buy the Rex. This is a beautifully designed and finished adjustable razor with a good feel in hand and gives you a BBS shave each time. You might want to pair it with a less aggressive blade like the one it comes with. The package is also very well made and I got it with 50 SS razor blades, a synthetic brush, pre-shave oil and after shave balm. I wasn’t really impressed with either the oil or the balm, but the brush was good. I would definitely recommend it to either the beginner who wants to start off his DE razor journey as well as to the pro, who’s looking for an absolute delight in shaving experience. Go for it.

  138. Alex

    Все остальные станки забросил , нашел нужное лезвие и сейчас в восторге )

  139. Antonio (verified owner)

    Rasoio ben fatto. Contento di averlo. Corredato di numerosi omaggi. Pearlshaving ditta seria e premurosa con i clienti. Penso che farò altri acquisti in futuro

  140. richardbright@icloud.com (verified owner)

    The first impressions when taking this razor from the (nicely presented) box are that this is a really well made razor and it is hefty – in a good way. The weight, fit, and finish convey quality. The knurling is very good and this razor will not easily slip from your fingers, no matter how much soap and water get on the handle. I read that there were issues with blade alignment on the first production run, and that Pearl responded quickly to address the matter on subsequent batches. My razor is flawless, the blade is perfectly aligned at every setting, and my experience with Pearl’s customer service team has been exemplary. Every interaction has been great and I feel very confident in the five year warranty. So how does it shave? In a word: great! I did find it to be on the aggressive side so I’m now using it on the second setting, but it ploughed through a four day stubble very efficiently. I got a BBS shave in just two passes. I’ve switched from a Merkur 47c, so the weight and aggression gave me a learning curve (and a nick) but by the end of the shave I felt really comfortable, and I’m very confident I’ve made a good decision. Good product, good company, good price – highly recommended in every regard.

  141. Sergey Makarov (verified owner)

    this razor completely changed my opinion about classic shaving. This is the best razor I have ever owned.

  142. Abhijit Bhadra (verified owner)

    Felt ultimate comfort with this razor. Can proudly say that this is the best ever Indian razor

  143. Fatsquatch (verified owner)

    This razor is not only stunning to look at, but the build quality and shave are equally stunning. Even with 3 days worth of stubble, it mowed effortlessly through the hair, and it felt so smooth and comfortable even on the highest setting. After two passes it was *just* shy of BBS, but I did the full three passes anyway, because why wouldn’t you? Absolutely worth the money, and worth the wait for overseas shipping, which it survived flawlessly thanks to the careful packaging. Also received some extra goodies, which were a happy and pleasant surprise. Looking forward to many years of pleasant shaves with this razor.

  144. Balasubramaniyan (verified owner)

    I received my Flexi yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a few freebies along with the razor which included a brush, pre shave oil, post shave lotion and a 50s pack of blades not to forget the bullet stand. The razor is a heavy weight champion and the fit and finish is comparable to any of the presently available top names in international market which are many times more expensive than this beauty. I was thrilled to see the Made in India engraved on the undersurface of the base plate. Great going Pearl Shaving. Expect to see many more great shaving equipment’s and premium products in the years to come. Best wishes

  145. JOHN SANFILIPPO (verified owner)

    The Pearl Flexi is a well-made great to shave with adjustable safety razor. I have over 20 safety razors that are manufactured from around the world. I have been wet shaving for many years and I have always been looking for the best safety razor to give me a close comfortable shave without irritation. I believe that the Pearl Flexi is that razor. I can shave all areas of my face without razor burn by simply adjusting the setting to meet my needs. I someday hope to pass this safety razor on to my grandson. Thank you for an affordable well made product

  146. kasisnk (verified owner)

    From Kasi Subramaniam N K

    My first impression, the Pearl Flexi is well made and excellent shaving razor. I am a daily shaver. Looks very premium in hand. Weight and balance are perfect. Once you pick it up in hand you don’t feel like keeping it down, unfortunately we all can only uses it 3 to 4 mins a day. Probably those 3 mins are the most satisfying and enjoying moments of the day. All stainless-steel version would be awesome. Looking for it.

  147. R Michael (verified owner)

    I bought this razor after seeing it on YouTube. I like the fact that it was adjustable since my other razors are adjustable, too. When I took my first shave with it I used an Astra (green) blade. I was so darn pleased with this razor I couldn’t believe the shave it gave me. The communication after the sale with email updates was GREAT and it arrived way quicker then I would have thought. Bottom line is:: love the razor, love the company. If you’re thinking about it, don’t!! Just buy one for yourself and you’ll be very pleased you did!!!

  148. Lee Goldberg

    The Pearl Flexi is a great shaving razor. Definitely my go-to razor for every day use. The service is also great. I had one service issue and had to return the razor for repair. Thanks to the help of Dhara, the service experience was an excellent one.

  149. Dr. Virendra Katoch (verified owner)

    Started off with wet shaving during the early college times as that was the only way we shaved. Then came the cartridge razors and I was hooked – started getting skin problems with cartridge hence started wet shaving again about 4-5 months back after I found my father’s old Slim Adjustable Gillette Razor. My skin problems vanished and now I am a Fan of wet shaving. Came across Pearl Flexi Razor and wow what a great razor. Have been using it since past 1 month on a daily basis as I shave daily. Love the razor and thank you to Pearl for the lovely product

  150. Mike (verified owner)

    I recently added this razor to my little collection.
    I was initially looking at the Blaze, watching a review on YouTube, and the reviewer introduced the Flexi after. I was hooked from that moment!
    I am so pleased I saw the Flexi and even happier I made the purchase.
    It has given me some excellent shaves with a variety of different blades.
    The level of adjustment is excellent.
    I would also like to say thank you to Pearl for their excellent customer service. I was updated on all aspects of the order and they were on hand to answer my questions.
    Delivery was super speedy too!

  151. Dean_MKD

    First about customer service.
    Even though there was a problem with the first delivery, everything was sorted out beautifully by Dhara. Nobody fools you when it comes to customer service.
    The delivery itself arrived in an unbelievable three days from India to Germany. Very fast.
    The razor comes with a user guide, warranty card, cleaning cloth, 50 razor blades and of course the stand. The packaging of the razor is very well done, with magnetic closure and looks great.
    In addition, there were a few gifts from Pearl in the form of a synthetic shaving brush, 1x face wash sample, pre shave oil and after shave lotion. Thanks for that.
    The razor itself performs incredibly.
    Very smooth shave, you can easily feel the blade. It is very quiet, you can only hear the blade working very quietly.
    I’ve never had a shave like this before.
    So far I’ve used level 3-2-1 with an Astra Green blade. Of course I’ll try out different blades now, I’m also excited about the Silvermax that came with it.
    The razor has a proud weight of 140g, but that’s what I like. Especially with the short handle, it’s very handy.
    I look forward to many more smooth shaves. Don’t want to miss him anymore.

    Once again, huge thanks to Pearl and especially Dhara.

  152. Boris (verified owner)

    I have RR 6S. I think it was the best razor for me for a start in wet shaving. But changing plates while shaving is very inconvenient. So I started dreaming about an adjustable razor, but the prices were very expensive. Before I found the Flexi adjustable razor review. I bought it and first of all I was amazed with high level of communication and support of the seller. The second was the pack I received. It was full of gifts: blades, a brush, an aftershave lotion and preshave oil, and of course a razor. And I can say that they are all high quality, I used one blade for seven shaves and it remains as sharp as the first time. The lotion is perfect, it calms my skin and makes it softer and smells very nice.
    And finally, about Flexi Razor. I got what I wanted and what I expected from it. Its steps don’t match with numbers of plates of RR6S and give more agressive shave. But smooth and understandable. It only takes two passes to get a baby skin 🙂 This razor is well built and feels solid.
    So thank you Pearl for your great product and especially for your excellent service.

  153. Rudra Pratap Nirwana (verified owner)

    An excellent razor considering it’s 6 whole razors in 1. Buttery smooth when paired with a good blade and topcap can be laser etched with custom text for a mere 100 rupee. A great deal and the only razor one will ever need

  154. Satwant Kumar (verified owner)

    As far as high-quality adjustable razors go, the Pearl Flexi Razor offers the best value for money. I recently bought one from Murphy and Mcneil’s eBay store here in Texas. For small hands, it might be cumbersome or heavy. For me, the weight is just right for the smooth shave using just the razor weight. It works with almost every blade I put on it since it is an adjustable razor. The quality of the Razor impressed me so much, that I ordered another one with custom engraving (at a minimal fee) from the Pearl website for my father. He was extremely happy with it. I highly recommend Pearl Shaving products, both for quality and customer service.

  155. Russell (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this razor for a year now. It is EXCELLENT. It’s SO efficient. I am a user of quite aggressive razors, but I generally use the Flexi on 3, maybe 4 for general use, (and particularly smooth,) 1 – 2 on the moustache, and only use 5 or 6 to touch up my difficult jawline. It’s also aesthetically beautiful, the tolerances are really tight, and it’s a beautiful piece of machinery at an excellent price….! Thanks Dhara, for your fine work on this razor….!

  156. Lucaio

    I’m a newbie in the field of traditional shaving and the Flexi is my first important razor in my collection. I found it a great razor: very smooth and gentle also with maximum blade gap. A great BBS and no red dots even after the first use; weight and dimensions are good too…a really good job! I have just a question: is it necessary dismount the razor as a whole for a deep cleaning? If yes, where can I find some instructions to dismount it? Thanks a lot

  157. Chrismof

    Easy for beginners to start with
    It was working fine and happy to recommend others, especially those who want to shave for the first time.

  158. Shiva Goyal

    I normally don’t write reviews but this pearl flexi razor is absolutely beautiful. My shaves have been smooth and extremely close, the blade alignment on both sides are perfect at every setting. I have 10 razors and a couple of vintage razors and none of them give me a bbs with only 2 passes and zero irritation. The weight is perfect for this brass razor and quality and finish is top notch. Plus you also get a quality gorgeous stand with the razor making it a stunning eye candy, I’ve gotten many compliments on this razor since I keep it on display in my bathroom. You won’t find a better razor for the price.

  159. adrian Chamblee

    I highly recommend it!!

  160. spicy noodle (verified owner)

    You won’t regret buying this razor! I had some troubles with customs because I made a typo in my phone number. The kind people at Pearl Shaving emailed me about the issue and gave me guidance on how to fix the issue. It’a great product made by amazing people!

    I had my first shave and, coming from the Rockwell 6, I found the angle of this razor very intuitive. With the Rockwell on plate 6 the blade would bite into my skin if I made a slight angle error. Although the Flexi on setting 6 has the same gap, it provided a very smooth and comfortable shave without nicks!

    The package included a bunch of blades (around 70 I think) and the blades are very good too. They feel similar to Astra SP – the medium sharpness which provides a comfortable shave without tugging on tough areas like the chin.

  161. TobiasTab

    Cool, I’ve been looking for this one for a long time

  162. James Blyth

    Excellent product and extremely fast shipping, It arrived in Canada within a week and half.

  163. Mohammed

    Nice, safe, easy to use, least chance of cuts….
    Excellent Product
    Just go for it
    Product is simple and easy to use.
    Comes with its own introductory blades…

    Just loving it bro…!

  164. Vinod

    Superior workmanship and easy to use for clean and smooth shave.

  165. Anand joshi

    Got this product delivered on 01 March 2023 (One day earlier than the date mentioned). Opened it immediately and found the product is too awesome (look-wise). Used it for the first time just on level one on 07 March 2023 (that is today ). I am not a beginner though, but I do have sensitive skin. So went with level one ..what to say? it’s so smooth that I haven’t felt a blade on my skin at all but it cut my beard like some aggressive open-comb razor. So neat! Very much impressed! Even the blades supplied by SILVERMAX, are good too. This is my 3rd product BTW, Thank you very much, Pearl, keep Rocking!

  166. Ankit Singh

    I love the fit and finish of the razor! Looks great, feels great in hand, and is helping me switch from cartridge razors to DE Safety razors.

  167. Namit Joshi

    This is a premium product at a very reasonable price. Very happy after using it for a week. Makes a refreshing change after the stereotype cartridge razors.

  168. Venugopal

    I have been doing wet shaving for 5 years and I regularly use my Gillette Super Adjustable 109 from the year 1975 which was passed on to me by my father.

    I liked the feel and efficiency of the Pearl Flexi Open Comb Razor the moment I started using it. I have heard that earlier models had some alignment issues and the manufacturer was very prompt in replacing them. But all that seems to be sorted now. No alignment issues, no rattling of internals when shaking, and adjustment seems to work perfectly.

    I use 7 O’Clock Super Platinum with Proraso Shaving Soap and the results are very good. Very little razor burn, good glide, and slick. I did 2 passes and did not feel the need for a 3rd pass. I started with blade adjustment 3 and later cranked it up to 5 and this range seems to work fine for me. I did 4 shaves on a single DE blade and it looks good for another pass. Received 55 pieces of Willy’s DE blades with the package,

  169. Anand

    It’s a great razor beautifully The adjustments work with no rattling noise as some people reported for those people who are wet shavers for some time since you need to work it with expertise Give it a weeks time to get the feel and the way it works. Then you will love it. I have quite a few adjustable, the Merkurs, Parker, and Vintage Gillette’s and I would rate this equal to them, much better than the Viking Emperor which has alignment problems
    Use the least aggressive blade start with setting 1, get the feel and there you go

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