Pearl Blaze Double Edge Safety Razor 100% Brass Metal

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Pearl Blaze Razor

Razor Details: Package Contents:
Razor Type: Double edge razor Blaze razor 1 U.
Razor Head Type: Close Comb 10 pcs Premium  Blade.
Razor Total Height: 110 MM 5 pcs washer.
Razor Weight: 105 Gram* Cleaning cloth 1 U.
Razor Handle Height: 98 MM User guide1 U.
Razor Handle Weight: 60 Gram*  warranty details 1 U.
Razor Head Weight: 45 Gram*
Razor blade Gap: 0.74 MM



Now, more than ever, Men want to look their best!

Introducing the all-new Pearl Blaze! Pearl Blaze is made from 100% Brass. Entirely made from the CNC process, it has Triple Plating.  This triple-plated 3 Piece razor is so easy to maintain. For every purpose from cleaning to using, it is very easy & smooth to use. The Exceptional quality of this razor will give you that smooth and Irritation-free shave that will make you feel like “OH so perfect!!”

Now, more than ever, Men want to look their best!

Introducing the all-new Pearl Blaze! Pearl Blaze is made from 100% Brass. Entirely made from the CNC process, it has Triple Plating.  This triple-plated 3 Piece razor is so easy to maintain. For every purpose from cleaning to using, it is very easy & smooth to use. The Exceptional quality of this razor will give you that smooth and Irritation-free shave that will make you feel like “OH so perfect!!”

Now is the time to ditch the disposables forever! Just Because we haven’t reached zero in Zero waste yet, Doesn’t mean taking zero actions. Adapt this very environmentally friendly safety razor now to make this earth plastic-free.

Safety razors made with 100% Brass will minimum last for 10 years. Simply It can become the ‘razor for life!’  Buy now to get the shave you have always dreamt of!

It has 2 years of warranty. If anything goes wrong, we have got you all covered so you can sit back & relax until it’s sorted!

Warranty Registration:

If you purchased this product from us or anywhere else, please register it at the URL below for the warranty concerns

Warranty Terms & Conditions:

  • If any Mechanical problem comes up, it can be solved in the said warranty period.
  • No Charge will be taken for the replacement of any parts.
  • Shipping Charges to get the product reach to us, need to be paid by the customer.
  • The accidental damage to the razor done by the customer will not be covered by the company as it is not considered in the warranty.
  • A warranty period of 2 years will be counted from the delivery date.
  • You can claim a warranty on the Mail ID i.e.   or customer support i.e. 80007 78283 (WhatsApp)
  • Razor serial number is mandatory while claiming a warranty.
  • Razor damage will be covered in the warranty but packing & accessories-related problems will not be under the cover of the company.
  • Only 1st owner can claim a warranty.
  • Warranty Registration must be done within 1 month after purchase.

15 reviews for Pearl Blaze Double Edge Safety Razor 100% Brass Metal

  1. Sanjay CR (verified owner)

    Very very efficient, fit and finish top notch.
    Balance and weight perfect. No blade alignment issues found. At 0.74 mm Blade Gap to my stubble i felt it to be on the milder side of an mild to aggressive razor. On shaving with the grain and against the grain, I managed a BBS with the two pass on the blade provided in the package (Supermax gentleman). Three piece razor sole and functional. After shave revealed no nicks, burns, cuts, irritation or redness noticed On Alum application. Definately recommend this razor to a friend. Shipping was super fast too and well packed. I cannot not pick on coms so far.
    Similar to blackland Tradere.

  2. Subhradeep (verified owner)

    It’s very smooth on skin and effective as well… Really happy to have this one. Top notch built quality. Kudos pearl for this kind of quality.

  3. Jayakrishna Bhat (verified owner)

    Completely Satisfied Razor
    Built Quality : No need any words. Pearl always built only strong and great products.

    Handle Design : I purchased different and many razors from three years. But complete package never received. Fatty-Short-Skelton type razor handles. But this one mixture of all good things.

    Head : No blade over hang… So we cant adjust blade position after loading. It means head design perfect and no blade alignment issues. Loading blade with closed eyes…. This is best razor’s future. Thin (but strong) base plate gives great balance with handle.

    Performance : It looks (blade gap 0.74mm) aggressive. So first I used smooth blade (Willy’s). Shave is good. But not great. Next experiment with sharp blade (feather). Amazing result. 3 pass shaves gives BBS. No irritation or single nicks. This razor controlling feather blades sharpness.

    Anyone (new or experienced) wet shaver easily get satisfaction from this razor. Just need to pick blade as per shaver taste.

    Thanks a lot to PEARL team.

  4. Sourindra Chakraborty (verified owner)

    I have had mixed feelings about my experiences with some of Pearl’s razors in the past, but I have been a patron of the company for almost seven years now. This razor was a tender reminder of why the patronage has not ceased to survive.
    As I write this review, Pearl’s Blaze is steadily generating a conversation around itself in the international wet-shaving community. Justifiably so, if I may add. For veteran aficionados and inexperienced entrants alike, this has a lot to offer. Given my coarse facial hair, I personally prefer razor heads that let the blade protrude a bit more, but the Blaze’s non-aggression vis-à-vis its efficacy is commendable; its dexterity in that aspect is a rarity in the Indian market. It is amiable enough to not threaten the entrants, and efficient enough to not irk the veterans. The blade gap is on the lower side, but it is well-engineered. For a brief period, I felt almost nothing on my face; consequently, I expected for the stubble to be far tougher to remove, but the razor sliced through effortlessly. I did my usual four-pass shave, and was left with an exceedingly satisfactory outcome.
    The razor is built sturdily, and I particularly admire the unique design of the handle. (Other than the widened and flattened circular bottom of the handle, I did not find any obvious resemblances to the Blackland Tradere. If anything, the handle on this one appears to be a tad better.) The knurling is almost foolproof, and the balanced heaviness makes it very ergonomic. I am elated to report that there were no issues related to blade exposure or blade alignment either.
    So far, I have tried it with the Gentleman and the Gillette 7’o Clock PermaSharp Stainless blades (both of which seem mid-range in terms of sharpness for me), and the results make me optimistic for what it can potentially achieve with sharper blades. One drawback, however, might be that the relatively small blade gap and head design might make it comparatively somewhat incompatible with smoother blades like Laser Ultra, Willy’s, Gillette Wilkinson Sword, etc. It is advisable, I suppose, to pair this with one of the blades that you would consider to be on the sharper end of the spectrum.
    Overall, I am highly pleased with this acquisition. Out of about sixty razors, this is among those that I want to preserve. If one can grasp the technique involved with different razor-blade combinations over time, then one will certainly struggle to criticise the Blaze too much.

  5. Souvik Roy (verified owner)

    Pearl L-55 made me fall in love with wetshaving. Pearl Blaze transcended that experience! I absolutely love this razor! Blaze and Feather blades are a match made in heaven. Fantastic job team Madhav Metal Industries!

  6. Rajan Sharma

    I am Rajan Sharma from Bathinda Punjab and I have recently purchased this razor, fit and finish is international standards shaving quality is just awesome, I got a very close and comfortable shave in just two passes, a little less aggressive than the Edwin Jagger 316 but gives a similar shave, no need to spend money on the foreign brand razors, this is far better than the costly foreign razors, highly recommend.

  7. shavemaster (verified owner)

    I am a frequenter @ Pearl’s and absolutely love their VFM products.

    Erstwhile, My 2 absolute workhorse razors from Pearl were the SSH-05 and the T-121.

    The Purchase Walkthrough:- I have NEVER experienced this form of customer treatment by anyone in my entire online shopping cruise. Words cannot explain the positivity and enthusiasm that flows through Miss Dhara ! As always, she provided me best in class customer care serviced filled with unequalled knowledge, extraordinary communication and incredibly swift shipping!
    She is the backbone of pearl’s roof shattering sales, her skillset strikes as a BIG PUNCH in her pragmatic style of dealing. She has the best grip of her work background and grasps all the requisite measures to ensure that the customer doesn’t have any doubt regarding pearl’s work ethics and their products which is outstanding!
    A human being so good, makes u believe that humanity still exists. SO SO PASSIONATE about her job 🙂
    Every company deserves an employee like Miss Dhara ji. No competition @ all !! She is an elite asset to the company ~!

    Razor:- After purchasing almost every product of pearl, I can definitely say that this, along with the flexi are the finest razors that money can buy in India. They carry exceptional build quality, error-free mechanism and first-rate fit-n-finish. The head has a No blade over hang design which i thoroughly love and the non slippery knurling on the handle makes it a delight to hold and maneuver. Coming to the weight, I would say that it is appropriate; Neither too light nor too heavy. It is a balanced pilot. So far, my best blade combination with this razor has been the FEATHER from Japan. This fusion provides me a very smooth and irritation-free shaving experience with super sharp cutting stride. No displeasure whatsoever! I didn’t encounter any drawback/flaw with the razor (design, raw material quality,etc.) while experimenting with it. A marvellous shaving experience resulting into an outright contentment. Three piece razors carry a special place in my heart and this is certainly the best Indian 3-P whisker slicer at one’s disposal because it easily rivals international players.
    Seasoned connoisseur’s must try this wonderful tool for their daily shaves as they will appreciate the effortlessness and efficiency of this highly competent stubble slicer !

    For a supreme shave, please use a distinctly SLICK artisan shaving soap to experience an absolutely no blade feel shave on your face. A gliding experience beyond belief.
    The Blaze has been providing me exceedingly awesome daily shaves and it is a keeper in my shave den. One of the most valuable assets in my possession.

    MEN, It’s a jewel in the crown !

  8. Harikishan (verified owner)

    Have recently purchased this Pearl Blaze razor. I thoroughly enjoyed shaving with this razor. It is mild and smooth razor. It gives very smooth and close shave. You won’t even feel blade while shaving. Build quality is EXCELLENT and blade alignment is PERFECT. Packaging also nice. Everything about this razor is simply great.

  9. Nachiket Vyas (verified owner)

    I have purchased many Pearl Razors, they were all ok as per their price. I was really skeptical about the performance of this one but I was totally wrong. This is the best razor i have ever used till date. Better than, Muhle, Edwin Jagger, Merkur 34C, and even Henson. Just loved this piece. It is worth the money, its a bang for a buck. Just go for it blindly.

  10. milindketkar (verified owner)

    Incredible razor used the same blade I used it for earlier razor, but smoothness just next level. Exceeded expectations!

  11. Radu (verified owner)

    A very efficient razor. But mild to the touch, in the same time.
    And gourgeous, too… flawless craftsmanship.
    A razor for a lifetime. And maybe, a razor to pass for the next generation.
    Shipping was ultrafast, considering the distance.
    The absence of so called included spacers is just a minor flaw, that will not deter me to lower the score.

  12. Eugene Wohlfarth – The Deacon Shaves

    Another The Deacon Shaves YouTube video.

    Well TGIF !!! It’s Friday we made it !!!

    I did not know what I was going to shave with hardware or software. So I let luck decide. I put my hand into the collection of samples and pulled out the) and I reached the Pearl Blaze !! Thanks to Dhara @ Pearl Shaving in India for all your help and support !!! ( . Pearl did a nice job on the packaging of this razor. But how does it shave? the Blaze really plowed thru my 2 day growth. It is IMHO middle aggressive. (YSEMV) It did a really good job !! I still love the weight of the razor. Once I got it going it went incredibly well. And for an aggressive razor, I did not hack up my face . It was a smooth performance. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the Blaze . It is a really good performing razor. Aggression – 3 out of 5. I found it right in the middle. Shave rating – 5 out of 5. this razor is at top of the Pearl line. It shaved like a mid to high setting on the Flexi. Experienced shavers will get the most out of this. It will take some getting used to for a newbie.

    Thanks again to Dhara for all you do.

    Have a great day and smooth shaves

  13. Anil (verified owner)

    Excellent razor, precise and smooth. Build and finish are top-class. Using it with Astra blades. Very smooth and close shave, no nicks or cuts. I have Merkur, Pearl L-55 and Parker razors, which I have been using for the last five years, but this razor far surpasses all of them. I would have preferred a shorter handle, but that again is a personal choice. Overall, Value for Money, Made in India product, better than foreign ones – Just go for it!

  14. Rajat Bajaj

    This razor is well built & all brass ,fit and finish is exellent. This would fall b/w Mild and medium more on the milder side but not as mild as a Merkur/EJ or Rockwell plate 4or Henson mild ,this is above this but way more smoother.
    Price is around 38-40$ cheaper than the options mentioned above

    The weight of the razor is a good 105 gms & total razor height is 110mm,the length of the handel is 98mm. This razor length is slightly bit more than the standard razors, as the lower extended part helps the razor to stand flat & u wouldn’t require a stand for it,nice touchweight distribution of this razor is also pretty good max weight is 60-65% at the top and rest below which helps with the weight of the razor to do all the work.The blade gap on this is 0.74( but doesn’t feel like that feels more milder & is very smooth but at the same time efficient & there is hardly any blade feel & there is no over hang as well, (something b/w Rockwell plate 5 & 6) no misalignment or the effort required to adjust the blade, all is well & seamless
    The coating on this razor is also pretty impressive for the price and should last u a lifetime.

    Now my stubble is dense and on the coarser side but still a 03 day stubble this razor can take down with no problems( I use medium to sharp blades but smooth ones), it shaves very smooth and I would say it might be difficult to cut urself with this razor, the end result is also good there is hardly any post shave feedback. I’ve tried all my fav as well as some random blades in this razor and it performed well with all of them, the lather channels are also exellent on this razor and as u squish in water or put it under the tap to clean,all the gunk/soap & whisker deposits wash off

    This razor is good to go for most of the ppl, but ppl with sensitive skin / who don’t prefer blade feel / who shave daily or alternatively max who shave 02-03 times a week or maybe who get skin irritation(maybe slightly or so)after a shave ( I guess that’s what it’s targeted at)
    The packaging as usual is superb, comes with a box which is handy and u can carry with u along with some paper work & micro fibre Cloth along with 05 washers. Here I would like to add that along with 02 mm washers they can provide 1mm as well or mix & match them.

    Verdict :- would I like to keep it in my rotation, absolutely for daily & alternative shaves I will keep it in my rotation, also this razor works well with all the blades I’ve tried so far.
    Kudos to Pearl for innovating and getting us quality products at nominal prices which performs equivalent or better than many foreign brands

  15. Yury

    The folks at Pearl Blaze Razor have created a great product. Beautiful and accurate. Shaving with this machine is a real pleasure. I wish you continued success!

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