Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor SBF-11 Silver

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Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor SBF-11 Silver


Key Points About the Razor

  • Butterfly twist-to-open, easy-to-change blades.
  • Both for experts and beginner

Sleek styling and old-world quality

  • provide a smooth and comfortable shave
  • genuine PEARL Safety Razor product! For over 25 years, PEARL razors have been imitated but never duplicated!

Why use a safety razor?

  • Smooth, clean shave without irritation or razor burn.
  • Less clogging due to a high-quality single blade, resulting in a closer shave.
  • Cost-effective as blades are cheaper than cartridge refills and disposable razors.
  • Strong and durable, made from quality materials.
  • More control as razors are designed to have a perfect weight and ergonomic shape

Butterfly Head (twist to open safety razor)

Butterfly Razors refer to safety razors that open from the top with butterfly doors, allowing the blades to be inserted and removed quicker and easier. These razors are perfect for those that may feel uncomfortable with handling a blade or want a nostalgic looking razor.


    • 10.5cm Long handle, Best grip for regular users & beginners,
    • Excellent balance.Made of brass metal.Heavyweight metal safety razor
    • perfect traditional look design.
    • Perfect blade angle & exposure for a smooth silken shave.
    • Best grip for regular users & beginners, excellent balance.
    •  Material: Heavy brass metal safety razor with perfect traditional look design.
    • Handle made of brass metal with Premium  chrome
    • This is an exclusive designer handle.
    • hopefully not available in the open market.
    • This razor delivers an incredibly close and comfortable shaving experience for normal or sensitive skin types.
    • Pearl shaving system specially designed for a close and comfortable shave.
    • Precision alignment for head assembly making blade replacement easy

    Product Details:

    •  Material: Brass metal
    • Color: Premium chrome & silver finish
    •  Height: 10.5cm.
    • Weight:  90gm.
    • Head type: Close Comb Twist to open (butterfly Type)
      Package Includes 1Piece Safety Razor & 10Piece Premium Blades
    • Made in India.

Additional information

Weight 0.090 kg
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 4 cm

9 reviews for Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor SBF-11 Silver

  1. Nolin Chitnis

    One of the best razors in the market. Impeccable fit and finish and matchless shaving performance. It’s a 2 pass razor. Nothing comes close to it in its price range and it even beats some razors priced much higher.

  2. pranav

    heavy handle for smooth glide shave.
    good quality.
    can use any blade
    hair dont get stuck in between blade and razor body.
    color hasnt faded even after months of use.
    use sharp blades everyday to get smooth shave n its very economical.
    mach 3 blades costing 90 rs get blunt after 3-5 shaves but here u can use a 2-5 rs new blade every day and get best smooth shave economically.

  3. Wasim M.

    I am 24 years old where my buddies suggested me to go for a trimmer or a cartridge razor as well. But my dad is using twist to open razor past 7 years and the daily results from it were absolutely amazing so I decided to go for it. Now using from one month. I was expecting smoothness while shaving but gone through a little harshness over skin. However, was ignorable. But the result I had after shaving which really deserved a round of applause for manufacturers. For me it was a complete close shaving experience near zero. I was stunned. Talking about price, I would say one would get satisfied considering its performance. For me it is worth my money!

  4. luis

    Good quality razor mild+ depending on the blade type nice weight for balance and good blade alignment.

  5. Manoj Menon

    The razor is quite heavy and has a classy look. Easy to shave if you’re used to normal razors. Gives a fantastic smooth shave with good blades. Only have to guide the razor which will glide with its weight and gives us a great shave. Although little chance of slipping from our hand, still have to be careful to prevent it from falling down. I am sure the butterfly twist mechanism will get damaged. So take good care.

  6. sameer

    For the ones who love close clean shave…though it seemed heavier on first use now I feel it’s perfect as for beginners don’t try to use it roughly just one single stroke if you do it daily. Nice silver finish & butterfly mechanism. Packaging too is premium

  7. Pawan

    bought this razor recently and have only two shaves. But it already feels so good. I had been using plastic razors in the past. This one is a huge improvement from those plastic razors. It is aggressive and gives a smooth shave. It is when its price, in my opinion.

  8. Tamal Sur

    Product build quality is fantastic. Does the job. Smooth shaving experience.

  9. Umesh Qurwani

    Very good and comfortable. I like it.

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