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Now, more than ever, Men want to look their best!

Introducing the all-new Pearl Hammer is made from 100% Brass. Entirely made from the CNC process, it has Triple Plating.
This triple-plated 3 Piece razor is so easy to maintain. For every purpose from cleaning to using, it is very easy & smooth to use.
The Exceptional quality of this razor will give you that smooth and Irritation-free shave that will make you feel like “OH so perfect!!”

Best grip for regular users and beginners, with excellent balance.
Pearl shaving system specially designed for a close and comfortable shave
Material: Handle made of brass metal with perfect traditional look design.
Product Details: Color: Silver matt; Height: 11.5cm; Weight: 135gm; head type: Close comb + open comb base plate
Package Includes: 1Piece Hammer Safety Razor, 1Piece Microfiber Cloths& 10Piece Premium Blades; Made in India

Razor details:
Razor handle material: Brass metal
Razor color: Silver matt
Razor handle material: Brass metal
Razor total height: (with head) 11.5cm*
Razor handle height : (without head) 9.5cm
Razor handle weight: (without head) 83.35gm*
Razor head material: Brass metal
Razor head type: Close comb + open comb
Razor Close comb Head Weight: 51.50 gm*
Razor open comb Head Weight: 50.75 gm*
Razor Head no blade overhang

Razor blade Gap: 0.745 to 80 mm

Razor total weight: (with box)0.290gm*
Razor total weight: (without box)0.135gm*

Package Includes:
1Piece Hammer Safety Razor
1 piece open comb base plate
5 Piece washer
1Piece user guide.
10 pcs Premium blade.
1Piece microfiber cloth

7 reviews for Hammer Double Edge Safety Razor Close comb+ open comb

  1. Jayakrishna Bhat (verified owner)

    Nice Aggressive Razor
    Not for new wet shaver. Smooth and efficient razor. Built quality is fantastic.
    Blade alignment, blade exposure also perfect.
    Weight is another positive point.
    Everything okay, specially in this price range… Pearl did great job.
    I can’t understand,
    Why Pearl product designer always drawing this type handles. Simple design looks great and feels good. Like Parker Variant, Rockwell, Pearl SSH – 05

  2. Anant Gupta

    I recently bought Pearl Hammer Razor and Build quality is excellent delivering a smooth shave with both Close comb & Open comb.

  3. Eugene WOhlfarth – The Deacon Shaves

    I was really excited to receive The Hammer. The handle had a great feel and one would be hard pressed to have it slip. This is a weighty razor. I like razors with some weight and the Hammer did not disappoint there. The 3 piece design is good, I was surprised by the pre-loaded plastic washer between the handle and the head. (note When I was a beginning Wet shaver , I would have had no clue what to do with the washers, unless explained. )
    This is an aggressive razor !! Lots of blade feel. Reminded me of the Schick L type. While i had just one days growth, this razor did a great job. I had 2 little nicks (probably operator error ) But I did 2 passes with the grain and across the grain.. A little touch up on the Adam’s Apple area and I was smooth. I didn’t need my usual 3rd pass. I was surprisingly smooth. Of course as always YSEMV !!!!

    There was some sting from the alum block which confirmed the aggression of the razor.. I can only imagine what the open comb is like (I’ll have to go a week without shaving to try that).

    Was it a good shave.. Yes very good, very close. Aggressiveness on a scale of 1 – 10: 8. Shave enjoyment 1 – 10 : 8 I like The Hammer. It will mow down (IMHO) whatever you put in front of it. I think it is more suited of an experienced shaver (IMHO). It’s a good razor.
    Nicely packaged in a blue and black fliptop box. The razor comes with both an open and closed head, 10 blades, polishing cloth, instruction booklet (for beginner shavers I guess), 6 plastic washers (1 per-loaded) and a thank you note with information about the razor.


  4. Rajat Bajaj


    Does it live up to its name ,well let’s find out
    Been using this razor for a few days with different variables(blades,soaps,creams, pre shave items ) and so far has been a smooth and overwhelming experience.

    I’ve used more of the closed comb plate as I shave daily or max alternately, did use the open comb once on a 03 day stubble(mine is dense and a bit coarse as well)

    The razor from the looks of it and that cool stain triple coated finish(Full Brass Razor this is)looks absolutely fab.👌
    This razor has got good heft(weight 135gms) to it and the weight distribution is well balanced most of the weight around 65%-70% is at the top of this razor & comes with 02 plates with blade gaps . 074 & 0.80

    Shaving Experience wise I really njoyed shaving with it,though on the heavier side still easily manageable w/o any issues and problems at all be it wtg or atg & xtg, as it’s got good heft to it, let the weight of the razor do all the work for u.
    Through out the shave it mowed down be it a 24hrs growth or multiple days growth with ease and goos smoothness,this razor glides really well. This razor has some blade feel to it but in a nice way though being very smooth the efficiency is very good

    This baby is gonna be in my regular rotation
    I guess it’s the heaviest CNC brass razor produced from India 🇮🇳 kudos to Pearl for being aggressive in innovating & launching new quality products like this and more(still to test😉) which will surly leave a mark in the wet shaving society

    Fit and finish is top notch, international level by all means,this razor is towards medium aggressiveness & i thought a lot which razor can it be compared to if one has to, imho it’s the Rockwell which came to my mind,even in weight category both are close with a difference of 10-12 gms other wise I guess if Rockwell is Rock solid then Hammer is no less in build quality as well.
    The closed comb :- plate is very smooth and efficient comparable to Rockwell plate 6, in my humble opinion this one might be a tad more efficient, it should mow down max of ur stubble in the first pass itself if u shave daily, it’s smoothness should not fool u,still this razor needs to be handled carefully as being overwhelmed by the smoothness u might wanna go full throttle(maybe once ur used to it )might just nick ur self or give a weeper to urself(like I did😅) U only get to knw that ur shave was very close when u use and alum block else it feels smooth from the start of the shave till end. The closed comb has worked really well from 1-3 days of growth so far, rest will share more as I go on further with this razor. Though have been using this plate more so far as I shave daily. After a good 02 pass shave I don’t get a Shadow for hours

    The open Comb:- yet again very smooth and very efficient, it will mow down days of growth with ease & smoothly as well as efficiently , I’ve shaved twice with it on a 3 & 5 days of beard growth(now I have a dense and coarse beard)and was very satisfied with it totally, maximum of ur whiskers are taken down in the 1st pass itself. U only get to knw that ur shave was very close when u use and alum block else it feels smooth from the start of the shave till end, i guess might say one level down than the mulhe R-41 but more smoother than it( I guess I think, IDK,maybe,🧐 ? Well first impressions have been very good,have to give it a few more tires to come to a conclusion.
    how I like to use these plates:- for everyday & alternate day shaving the closed comb and more than 02 days the open comb and at times I use combinations even for 02 days and more like first pass with the open comb and second pass with the closed comb.

    One important thing I would like to mention is the packaging offered by Pearl and it is to talk about , it’s decently compact and can be carried along while u travel and u don’t need a separate case or something, u can easily carry ur razor along with the extra plate and blade pack, Pearl offers a soft cleaning micro fibre Cloth(very important) and 06 washers with the razor which is really commendable as no one else does it, these are small little things but makes lot of difference in your day to day life. I’ve seen these items being provided with high end razors. I still have the packaging of the previous Pearl L-55 which I use when am traveling. As a suggestion though the package has withstood the travel & time along with me so far.
    I guess at almost 40$ this razor would be a good alternative to Rockwell at a decent fraction of a price which costs 120$ now & on sale around 90$. If u want a good smooth efficient razor which is build like a tank and would serve you for years I guess u can zero on this and at a mouth watering price for 02 plates

  5. Rajat Bajaj

    This razor is well built & all brass ,fit and finish is exellent. This would fall b/w Mild and medium more on the milder side but not as mild as a Merkur/EJ or Rockwell plate 4 or Henson mild ,this is above this but way more smoother & affordable than other mentioned counterparts
    The weight of the razor is a good 105 gms & total razor height is 110mm,the length of the handel is 98mm. This razor length is slightly bit more than the standard razors, as the lower extended part helps the razor to stand flat & u wouldn’t require a stand for it,nice touchweight distribution of this razor is also pretty good max weight is 60-65% at the top and rest below which helps with the weight of the razor to do all the work.The blade gap on this is 0.74( but doesn’t feel like that feels more milder & is very smooth but at the same time efficient & there is hardly any blade feel & there is no over hang as well, (something b/w Rockwell plate 5 & 6) no misalignment or the effort required to adjust the blade, all is well & seamless
    The coating on this razor is also pretty impressive for the price and should last u a lifetime.
    Now my stubble is dense and on the coarser side but still a 03 day stubble this razor can take down with no problems( I use medium to sharp blades but smooth ones), it shaves very smooth and I would say it might be difficult to cut urself with this razor, the end result is also good there is hardly any post shave feedback. I’ve tried all my fav as well as some random blades in this razor and it performed well with all of them, the lather channels are also exellent on this razor and as u squish in water or put it under the tap to clean,all the gunk/soap & whisker deposits wash off

    This razor is good to go for most of the ppl, but ppl with sensitive skin / who don’t prefer blade feel / who shave daily or alternatively max who shave 02-03 times a week or maybe who get skin irritation(maybe slightly or so)after a shave ( I guess that’s what it’s targeted at)
    The packaging as usual is superb, comes with a box which is handy and u can carry with u along with some paper work & micro fibre Cloth along with 05 washers. Here I would like to add that along with 02 mm washers they can provide 1mm as well or mix & match them.

    Verdict :- would I like to keep it in my rotation, absolutely for daily & alternative shaves I will keep it in my rotation, also apart from what Pearl recommends this razor works well with all the blades.

  6. Sandeep K

    An excellent, smooth, and efficient razor. Personally, don’t like the handle, so swapped it with one of Razorock steel handles. Was on the lookout for a three-piece razor that shaves like the pearl flexi and this is it. Three-piece razors, are sturdier and inflexible unlike adjustable razors, and can guide it to get a very close and precise shave because it slice through the growth more so than other popular razors. It’s comparable to the best in the world, with blade gap, and exposure just right for both beginners and veterans. Just that that handle is too big, heavy, and not easily maneuverable.

  7. Shanoor 786 (verified owner)

    Very nice shaving razor🪒 feel smooth best experience every one but this razor and pearl have good product some product expensive I want to say trusted product every one recommend product feel smooth clean shav skin

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