Double Edge Safety Razor L-65 semi slant Stainless steel

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L-65 semi slant Stainless steel

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L-65 semi slant Stainless steel

The slant bar razor out as a fixed-angle, non-adjustable razor designed for a distinctive shaving experience. What sets it apart is the slanted blade, allowing for a slicing motion that efficiently cuts through hair, unlike the straight edge of a typical DE razor that tends to push stubble over, resulting in a coarser feel post-shave. The slant bar’s clean slicing action, coupled with a maintained gap between the blade and the skin, is particularly beneficial for individuals with thick, wiry hair and sensitive skin. This razor excels in reducing resistance during shaving, leading to softer stubble and minimizing irritation. Its precision is especially advantageous for navigating the challenges of a neck shave, where varying grain patterns and delicate skin demand a skilled approach. In essence, the slant bar razor offers a refined, irritation-free shave, making it an excellent tool for those seeking a smooth and comfortable grooming experience.


Product Details:
Razor Material: Razor Handle Stainless steel (316L)metalRazor Head Special Zinc alloy
Razor Color: Matt Nickle
Razor Height: 10.5cm
Razor Handle Height 10 cm
Razor Handle Weight: 62gm*
Razor Weight: 107gm*
Razor Head Height: 1.1cm
Razor Head Weight: 45gm*
Razor Head Type: Close comb semi-slant (Special Zinc alloy)
Package Includes 1Piece Safety Razor & 10Piece Premium Blades

Made in India



5 reviews for Double Edge Safety Razor L-65 semi slant Stainless steel

  1. devraj

    nice semi slant razor
    Very nice shaving razor that feels smooth best experience every this razor and pearl has good products some products are expensive I want to say it trusted product one recommends the product feels smooth and clean shaved skin The built quality is fantastic.

  2. Narain Rawat

    Very nice razor, outstanding butter shave

  3. Okiedokie

    Sharing some initial thoughts on the recently launched Pearl L65 semi slant. I would like to revisit my thoughts as I shave with this razor more often in the coming days.

    Shave with cold water splash

    No pre-shave

    Used Pearl L65 semi slant (almost medium aggressive slant close comb) with supermax diamond edge – excellent combination (for me).

    Note – blade on its 1st use today.

    Disclaimer – I have not used many slants. Parker semi slant extensively and I think another one – from ikon or Maggards, do not recall. I am almost a novice shaver when it comes to slants.

    I had difficulty in assessing the aggression level for this razor, maybe because I so wanted to classify it as a balanced to medium aggressive. But my initial thoughts keep reverting to medium aggressive and yet it is not. So, using a new terminology (for me): “almost medium aggressive”. There is a fair bit of a deception here (I remember saying the same thing for Pearl Flexi too), the blade clamp so perfect with possibly no chatter (and hardly any audio feedback) that it will let you speed up. The shave is smooth and soft with enough aggression to make you halt. So, not mild and not medium aggressive either and yet the post shave feedback tells you enough that it is edging towards medium aggressive. Refer the alum feedback note.

    The design of the razor is brilliant. I like (its) industrial looks and hence find the solid handle (as per Pearl, this is 316 L) and the possibly one of the better quality zamac heads I have seen. Clearly, Pearl is seriously upgrading (or has seriously upgraded) the quality of the metal/ alloy used for its relatively non expensive razors (in comparison to blaze, hammer, flexi, etc).

    As you place the blade, you miss the crunchy feedback that normally is an indication of blade torque (from a slant) but then, there are some excellent quality (pricey) razors out there which maintain their discretion too. As you glide the razor, it becomes fairly clear that the blade is held very (very) firmly.

    The head has a triangle curvature which is a good indication that this razor is best used riding the cap and not the bar (in my opinion). Like I said, I am no expert in slants because if you were to start riding with the bar, the exposure will bite.

    The head that I received has an asymmetric blade exposure, in other words, the exposure is a tad different from one side to the another. Now, if you are a a frequent three pass shaver, the post shave result will not be noticeable. But as a single pass or two pass shaver, the uneven shave is apparent. The shave is still good but you just know it. As you observe carefully with Sheldon’s OCD, the asymmetry will reveal itself.

    At the price point offered and knowing that this is Version 1 of the only second slant in India market (manufactured by an Indian company), I will let it slide. I have requested the Pearl team to look into it. The response was hmm, okay but again, letting it slide for this is not a cnc razor (and the price point). The nearest slant in India is nearly three times the price, so you get my drift.

    Some other guidelines from the manufacturer:

    Similar to a Variant or Progess, the top cap and base plate need to align to match the black markings (I have tried it the other way around and indeed, the base plate and head do not align if not guided by Pearl’s instructions).

    It is recommended that a washer is used. And I agree but prefer to use my white opaque ones and not the offered transparent cushy soft ones.

    Blade gap and exposure are unknown. But this razor does not have a large blade gap and offers an efficient shave solely on the basis the blade exposure.

    I found the total weight at 106 gms with 61 gms from the handle (do the math for the head ;)).

    My opinion may change as I continue to use. Net net, it is a pretty good shaver, aggressive enough as one expects from a slant and yet just not enough to disuade.

    And thank you Anjali from Pearl for the additional bonus blades.

    Lots of pics uploaded and some more

    Vicco shaving cream (so cooling and slick) applied using Omega 77 shaving brush (natural – boar) – face lather

    First pass – with the grain

    Second pass – across the grain

    Alum (1-2 weepers, hint of a shave burn on one side and some feedback on the neck)

    Post shave included application of Axe Denim after shave lotion (I had forgotten that Axe has alcohol in it ;))

    Nice shave!

    I’m on Instagram as @okiedokie_cool

    Join the reddit group – Wetshavers_India

    March giveaway results are out!

    For welcome/ starter kits, please message me for my telegram/ whatsapp number

  4. Sandeep (verified owner)

    Razor :- Pearl L65 SEMI SLANT razor. (Straight Slant)
    Blade:- Willy’s first use.
    Lather :- Pearl Shaver’s spirit.
    Brush:- Pearl Chubby SBB97
    No preshave oil. Only face wash using Pink Woolf Moroccan clay face wash.

    First shave:- 2 day tough, dry stubble on combination skin.
    Mild, minimal blade feel. BBS shave 1st WTG. 2nd XTG. No difference in handling of the razor. Difference is there in shave and post shave. It feels as if it is a more close cut in the first pass itself. Also there is significant difference in shave in the neck region, it is much more smoother finish. No alum feedback.
    Second shave :- 1 day stubble (using new Willys blade.)
    Mild, minimal blade feel. BBS shave 1st WTG. 2nd XTG.
    Small amount of alum feedback.
    Post shave both times:- Pure Elements Veviter Mint soothing gel. Great , cool feeling in this heat.

    IMHO:- I would use this for a very close BBS on a multi day stubble. Razor is different, it requires some shaving experience. Beginners may have some learning to do before getting a hang of it.
    Overall a very good razor for tough stubble and very enjoyable smooth shave.
    Important:- Do not press on the razor, let it’s weight do the job. Use small strokes (especially in neck region)

    This is my experience, yours may differ. Keep enjoying wet shaving.

  5. Chandan (verified owner)

    Another great product from Pearl !! ✨
    Slant razor means aggressive and need care on shaving. But this razor changed slant definition. Smooth as regular razor and slant’s great performance. Both good features combination in this razor.
    Surprisingly SS handle in this price !!
    Pearl product and customer service always in high level 👌💥
    Thanks to Pearl Team 🙏

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