Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor PLATINUM-81D

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Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor PLATINUM-81D


Double Edge Safety Platinum Butterfly Razor

Discover A Whole New World Of Shaving With Pearl Platinum Butterfly Razor (CHROME) / Precision Safety Razor System, Which Includes A Precision Crafted Double-Blade Safety Razor Engineered To Perfection. This Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor PLATINUM-81D Butterfly Razor (CHROME) Is A Highly Precise Shaving Instrument And Provides A Fabulous One-Stroke Shave When Used With The Right Technique. Generous Weight And Smooth Chrome Finish Give It An Effortless, Unparalleled Glide.

Perfect Razor for Men one-pieces safety Razor Long 4 inches handle Best grip. Regular users & beginners, Excellent balance. Made OF brass metal. The heavyweight metal safety razor with perfect traditional look design. Perfect blade angle & exposure for a smooth silken shave.

Heavy Brass metal safety razor with perfect traditional look design.
Long 4 inches handle, Best grip for regular users & beginners, Excellent balance. Made of brass metal. The heavyweight metal safety razor with perfect traditional look design. Perfect blade angle &exposure for a smooth silken shave.

  • Best grip for regular users & beginners, excellent balance.
  •  Material: Heavy brass metal safety razor with perfect traditional look design.
  • Handle made of brass metal with Premium  chrome
  • This is an exclusive designer handle.
  • hopefully not available in the open market.
  • This razor delivers an incredibly close and comfortable shaving experience for normal or sensitive skin types.
  • Pearl shaving system specially designed for a close and comfortable shave.
  • Precision alignment for head assembly making blade replacement easy

Product Details:

  •  Material: brass metal
  • Color: Black
  •  Height: 10.5cm.
  • Weight:  105gm.
  • Head type: Close Comb Twist to open (butterfly Type)
    Package Includes 1Piece Safety Razor & 10Piece Premium Blades
  • Made in India.

Additional information

Weight 0.105 kg
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 4 cm

30 reviews for Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor PLATINUM-81D

  1. Swami

    This is based on my first use. I have never used a razor-like this, it has always been 3 blades, etc, But I must say am impressed, I got a saloon shave at home. The

    But I took my time preparing the beard with warm water. Took out the blade and rinsed it once after the first pass. The razor is weighed right without any effort glides down the skin.

  2. Rajeshwar Prasad

    Very elegant looking product. A smooth shave depends on the quality of the blade that one uses. I have used it with a Wilkinson sword blade and it is giving a very smooth, cut free shave.

  3. priyanka

    I bought it for my husband. His response is that in starting it seemed a bit heavy to hold and he did get few cuts as it does not need pressure. Now he is very comfortable with it. The razor gives a very smooth finish in few movements.

  4. Aravindakshan. P.

    A good product. Cute and beautiful safety Razor.
    Well packed.
    Arrived much earlier than the time quoted.
    My hearty thanks to the suppliers.
    All the best and wish you all success in all your endeavors.

  5. Abhishek Bhardwaj

    Quality – Robust

    Weight – Heavy

    Overall – Awesome purchase

    It’s an awesome product except that the.

  6. Srinivas

    Great Razor. Shifted to a manual safety razor after so many years and it feels good. this razor has a perfect grip and looks classy.

  7. priyam biswas

    Good weight and slant. Gives a close shave. But the tip of the spine has rust in mine. Such a nice looking thing but to keep.

  8. Ramzo

    It is our bliss to use this razor. Very nice built and great ergonomics. Easy to hold and slide on your face chin and neck. It’s weighty therefore use it with soft hands and don’t press too hard.

  9. R.V. Raje

    It’s a very good safety razor. Together with a sharp DE blade is a very economical solution for shaving. Gives a very smooth shave without cuts in one shave.

  10. terry lindeman

    This is less aggressive than my other razor, but a good price and if you want to try a shaver this is a good start.

  11. Roni

    I’m 25 and have been using a safety razor for the last 1 year so I had a fair amount of experience …for the new user use a used blade instead of a new one because even with experience I had few cuts ..and never apply pressure while using this razor.

  12. Jafar Zaheer

    Simply awesome. Heavy and glides smoothly on skin. Far far better than a cartridge razor. Best shave of a lifetime.

  13. Sayani Dasgupta

    Has a nice heft to it. The grip is good though it does not have any corrugations. Its quality lies in the bridge between local DE razors and foreign brands.

  14. Emy

    value for money. good quality.

  15. Nishanth

    I bought it for my daddy and he likes it very much.

  16. sajesh nambiar

    The material built is sturdy. And heavy. It literally glides while shaving. Happy with the results.
    Would recommend it to all.

  17. Rajanee

    Excellent stuff!! Will give the modern razors a run for their money.

  18. Abhishek

    Outperforms the expensive razors.
    Clean shave in 1 pass. Excellent looks.
    Easy to use. Will certainly try other products from pearl.

  19. Apoorv Bansal

    Never felt so ease in shaving especially near the difficult areas like the chin. The product is perfectly symmetrical and can be cleaned very easily.

  20. Bhrigu Bhargava

    The moment you will open box, u will feel as if you have made best choice but Razor has weight which makes it difficult to use. Design quality is poor, within a month u will find rotating movement issues or sometimes it will jam then you will keep on applying force and that will lead to threads break leaving it of no use at all. You will be upset and loose faith in old type of razors. Lastly you will surely switch to use and throw type razors. It is a complete waste of money.

  21. S.D.RATHOD

    It’s Weight is more and hande is small

  22. Azure Skyblazer

    I had seen a shaver like this in my dad’s hands a long time ago. But he switched over to twin blades a long time ago and he was a very conservative person, so, you can imagine. i started shaving with twin blades and never experienced this kind of a razor. So, I do not know how to use it. It’s a skill you need to pick up. You shave very slow with this and with some dettol by your side. The shaving takes longer and you DO NOT get better results than a twin blade. Atleast not with my skills. Nevertheless, I enjoy shaving with this shaver so much. The shaver is heavy and metal, I like being able to take out the blade and clean it thoroughly. And at the end of it I use my electric razor for a smoother and a closer shave on my chin and upper lips. Yes, the electric razor gives better results actually. This shaver though is an experience I would like to continue.

  23. pratik rathore

    Superb…. Everyone should have this…Go for it…..smooth and flexible.

  24. Gunjan

    Good quality and heavy.

  25. vipan

    Not good. Very heavyweight. Erasers should be lightweights. Due to heavyweight every time cut the skin.
    And cost too high feeling just waste.

  26. Siddharth Sarmah

    Excellent razor
    I am using a shavette since last 6 years. Shavette was good but takes time. This is smooth and fast to shave. Price is justified. I bought it through Amazon. I will order one more razor if a personalized or customisation is provided by the manufacturer.

  27. Shanoor 786 (verified owner)

    Very nice shaving razor stylish look like antique

  28. Shanoor 786 (verified owner)


  29. Shanoor 786 (verified owner)


  30. Shanoor 786 (verified owner)

    This is heavy razor less price best quilty rs699

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