Double Edge  Safety Razor (2 pieces razor)(twister)T-121 Gold

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Double Edge  Safety Razor (2 pieces razor)(twister)T-121 Gold
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  • Sleek styling and old-world quality

    • provide a smooth and comfortable shave
    • genuine PEARL Safety Razor product! For over 25 years, PEARL razors have been imitated but never duplicated!

    Why use a safety razor?

    • Smooth, clean shave without irritation or razor burn.
    • Less clogging due to a high-quality single blade, resulting in a closer shave.
    • Cost-effective as blades are cheaper than cartridge refills and disposable razors.
    • Strong and durable, made from quality materials.
    • More control as razors are designed to have a perfect weight and ergonomic shape

1 review for Double Edge  Safety Razor (2 pieces razor)(twister)T-121 Gold

  1. Senthil U

    Excellent razor and unique mechanism. Razor looks very sturdy and heavy. Heaviness and good grip help to get a smooth shaving experience with less irritation. If you are a newbie to DE razors, You need to learn how to apply very gentle pressure (you need to take the help of the weight and don’t apply much pressure on your own) at the proper angle which you will learn as you go. Also, try with different blades till you find the one which works best for you.

    I am using it for the last few days and hope the mechanism would last long and durable

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