Shaving Brush SBB-11 Black Synthetic Hair

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Pearl Shaving Brush SBB-11 Black

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Luxury Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush Made of Imported Synthetic hair Give Comfort & Smooth Shave.

Product Information

Hand-crafted shaving brush for wet shaving feel the smoothness of shaving with pearl shaving company’s shaving brush.
Luxury shaving brush made of imported synthetic hair gives comfort & smooth shave and requires little cream for a rich lather.
Material: Made of imported synthetic hair; Handle made of Black Resin.
Product Details: Overall height: 120mm, Hair height: 60mm, knot size: 22.5 mm, and Weight: 65gm*
Color: Black; Package Includes: 1 Shaving Brush, Made in India

  • Product Details 
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Black Resin
  • Weight: 65 gm*
  • Total Height: 120mm
  • Handle Height:60mm
  • Hair Height: 60mm
  • Handle Size: 35.5 mm
  • Brush Loft Size:  65mm
  • Brush Knot Size: 22.5mm
  • Made in India

Package Includes: 1 Shaving Brush


Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush Manufacturer





Feel the smoothness of shaving with Pearl Shaving Company’s shaving brush. Crafted from imported synthetic hair, it is whisper-soft on your skin and holds enough water to create a rich shaving lather with the shaving cream, softening and lifting your whiskers for the smoothest possible shave. The brush is designed to last you a lifetime with proper care.

Additional information

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 14 cm

26 reviews for Shaving Brush SBB-11 Black Synthetic Hair

  1. Manmohan T.

    It felt heavy to hold at first (since I’ve been used to the Gillette plastic shaving brush). This shaving brushes the best brush I’ve used. I did a lot of research before buying it. This one offers practically the same brush as the other sellers at a fraction of the price. The imitation badgers hair hold just the right amount of water, lather up very evenly, and hold their tautness while brushing which is more than I can say about the previous brushes I’ve used. The resin handle is really all you need, you don’t need a wooden or some fancy handle to get a great shave. Even so, the resin feels sturdy and is pleasant to hold.


    No doubt, the quality is outstanding, it’s made of artificial polymer fibers (synthetic hairs ) the feel, the touch, the gentle softness, the lather retention is all beyond comparison with the sub-standard brushes in the market. I bought this shaving brush for ₹549 and have been using it for almost 5 months in cold, hard water, occasionally one or two hairs drops out, this may be regrettable as in the longer run, the durability has to be compromised

  3. Bonheur Porter

    I had purchased the item from Amazon. Though the delivery was good, the brush used to shed bristles quite often. I approached the manufacturer of Pearl Shaving. They promptly replaced the item and assured me of their fantastic customer service. The replacement is good and I am satisfied.

  4. Soubhik

    Great product as always from Pearl. If you want to feel a premium quality shaving brush experience without emptying your wallet too much this is the product you need.

  5. Rahul Mehta

    It is a very smooth brush for shaving. bristles are long and smooth and not of plastic. One may find it costly but still worth it.

  6. Ritesh Khandelwal

    Magical foam in 30 seconds. Never seen anything like this. Always used gillette nylon brush. Have been missing all through my life. Will never even think of alternative now. Those using cans, you are missing all thw fun.

  7. Jefferson Roberts

    This is my first synthetic brush and has to say the bristles are much better than a badger brush. Do not have the same problem of the hairs coming out while shaving.

  8. Harish

    Very gentle n smooth on the skin No bristle has come out in the first 10 days of use… Daily shavers must give it a try

  9. Soubhik

    Great product as always from Pearl. If you want to feel a premium quality shaving brush experience without emptying your wallet too much this is the product you need.

  10. Ajay Jain

    his shaving brush has everything you would want in a shaving brush. At first glance, the brush has a very attractive appearance, as the faux handle is large enough to hold. It’s good to have a brush with this kind of weight which feels very solid and masculine, fitting comfortably in my hand and makes for easy shave cream application.

    In about 4 months of usage, I have only lost 5-6 bristle hair. The bristles retain water brilliantly which helps quickly create considerable shave cream lather. While I normally follow a 3-pass shaving routine, I am happy that so much of soap the brush holds amid the passes.

    Naturally, I was quite impressed with the result. Overall, I have to say this shaving brush is outstanding and any man who enjoys a superior shave will appreciate owning this product.

  11. Abhishek Panda

    Good value for money product. Though the product is soft, the bristles tend to come off even with a slight squeeze to release excess water. This is the first time I have seen something like this happen and therefore, would not recommend that this be bought by someone looking for quality or even value for money. This product is for people who have a price constraint.

  12. Bonheur Porter

    Good value for money product. Though the product is soft

  13. Himanshu Modi

    Well made product. Good grip, good volume of bristles… and haven’t lost any yet. Hard water doesn’t seem to affect the bristles at all, which I thought it might. Great to use.

  14. Manoranjan Panigrahi

    Good Quality, smooth bristles and creates good lather.
    The size is pretty big but so far no bristles coming off.
    Quite expensive so hoping it will last a while than the normal synthetic ones.

  15. Mirzosharif J.

    Excellent product.
    Nice smooth and hard enough to apply foam on face.
    Go and buy it, though not high level product, but it does what it says.

  16. mauli

    soft as feather ,my husband got irritated coz of nylon shaving brushes, after using this Brush i dont think he will choose any other in future,a big shout for pearl shaving brush.Thanks

  17. NM

    This is an excellent shaving brush. Even with an old blade I got a perfectly smooth shave. Also, a new brush usually sheds a lot of bristles, but this brush sheds very few.

  18. Harish

    Very gentle n smooth on skin.. No bristle have come out in first 10 days of use… Daily shavers must give it a try

  19. Ad2204

    Love it! Rich lather ..quick and effortless!

  20. Ajay Chanchal

    The hairs are made of plastic which do not produce enough amount lather.
    Natural hair would be more better instead of these plastic hairs.

  21. magesh

    Great value product. I am happy for buying this.

  22. S R K

    Pathetic, such brush is available for INR 100, consume lots of extra water & leave water & foam on cloths while using. DO NOT BUY.

  23. Narendra Nath Triparthi

    wow…Very nice item

  24. Customer

    Good one… Made in India… Soft, nice, durable… Boycott Chinese products and solutions please and buy made-in-India products to support domestic manufacturing and jobs.


    5 star best shaving brush

  26. Dandilion

    Very soft bristles.

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