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Whether you are all new to the shaving world or looking for a change to revamp your shaving routine, all you need is to consider is the safety, cost effectiveness and a sharp clean shave. The modern shaving razors for men are majorly divided into two categories – the cartridge razors and safety razors. While the cartridge razors are the modern phenomena of plastic handle razors with replaceable disposable cartridges that may include 3 to 5 blades, safety razors are traditional shaving devices made of metal with razor blades covered in a protective guard.

While there prevails a myth that cartridge disposable razors are a good idea for sensitive skin shave, it’s always good to conduct your research thoroughly before you start your shaving routine or revamp your regime for a better shaving experience.

For those who like spending less at initial stage and costs do not matter more, those who do not want to invest more time into shaving and mastering the art, and those who prefer keeping it the quick but messy, cartridge razors may be a good idea to consider. But, if you are the one who keeps a check on your long term shaving costs and prefers a little time and money investment up front to save more eventually and prefers a good quality shave with a safer approach, then double edge safety razors are definitely a ‘go to’ razor for you!

Double edge safety razors have been around since a long time and yes, they are definitely the best tried and tested shaving mechanisms. A double edge safety razor is a shaving tool with a metal handle for good grip, a disposable razor blade and a protective guard positioned in such a way that it comes in between the edge of the blade and skin while shaving. This minimizes the chances of cuts and bruises occurring while shaving.

Below mentioned are a few best benefits you can get by using double edge razors for shaving.

  1. While shaving with a DE safety razor, you can traverse the cutting edge of the blade over your skin at the most comfortable angle and this way you can easily remove your unwanted facial hair with an exact and clean cut just as the way you want it.
  2. The sharp edges of a double edge safety razor gives you a clean shave in a single stroke without requiring to shave over the same patch of skin multiple times.
  3. The first cut accuracy and protective guard in the safety razor reduces the risk of skin irritations or skin getting nicked or bruised during the course.
  4. Here you are not required to replace the razor handle and moreover, disposable razors are also very cost effective. For example, at the same price of a quadruple pack of replacement cartridges, one can buy nearly 50 razor blades. So, you are definitely being kind on your pocket by investing a portion up front on your double edge safety razors.
  5. It’s a just a myth that more blades on razor give much better shave. But, the truth is that more the number of blades in a cartridge, more are the chances of skin irritations. In fact, with more blades maintaining hygiene or sanity for your shaving process becomes a harder task as cleaning becomes tough and eventually, there is more scope for dead skin and gunk to build up.

Hence, if you are considering a cost effective, hygienic and thoroughly enjoyable shaving routine, then you must consider double edge safety razors. While there are different varieties of these DE safety razors available in the market like two piece safety razors, twist to open safety razors or even three piece ones, you have to select the one depending on your needs and choices.

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