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It’s the summer time and everyone’s excited. All of you must be gearing up to travel and rejoice with your family and make up the best of your leisure time these holidays. So, have you got everything you need in your travel kit? What about your shaving kit? You need to get all of your shaving essentials in your kit for a hassle-free, smooth shaving regime during your holiday trip. After all, a clean and sharp shave is all you need to get that refreshingly handsome look that shall add adorable touch to your travel memories with amazing picture clicks.

So, have you packed your shaving kit right with all the essentials required? If no, then just have a look here to learn what to pack in your shaving kit for a comfortable travel shaving regime.

  • Pre-Shave Essentials: Basic preparation can help you produce smoother results while helping with your shaving concerns. For example, gearing up with a gentle pre-shave oil can help you avoid bruises and irritation often caused by shaving razors. So, get your pre-shave oil essentials in your travel shaving kit for a hazard free shaving experience all the time.
  • Shave Cream: A good shave cream can make your skin feel wonderfully revitalized for your day out. It helps your razor glide smooth over the skin resulting in a nick-free shave. It’s better to consider a shaving cream with thin consistency that goes long way all through your travel trip so that you do not have to hunt all over for another one when it’s over amidst of your trip.
  • Shaving Double Edge Safety Razor: Always a better option for your travel regime is a double edge safety razor. This gives you a clean and sharp shave with lesser or almost ‘NO’ bruises and nicks which may make you feel awful and irritated on-the-go. Cartridges can be very expensive and also very unhygienic way of shaving to accompany on your travel trip. Consider your safety, hygiene and most important of all, your pocket. So, carrying a double edge safety razor is always a good option for your travel shaving requirements.
  • Shaving Brush: In order to avoid red bumps and razors burns on your face and neck, you need to stick on to your shaving brush habit. Shaving foams can be faster shaving mechanism that can save time during your holiday trip, but do not forget it’s all unhygienic and may end out with unwanted breakouts, blemishes, and pimples making you look awful throughout your holiday trip. Hence, use a shave brush to lift up your beard fibers and remove dead skin cells and other contaminants as you get on with your shaving. Avoid skin problems to make your trip comfortable with shaving brush method.
  • After Shave Essentials: After shave essentials are must to carry in your travel shaving kit. After shave balms and creams help cool down your skin after the process and moisturize it for a refreshing feel.
  • Razor & Brush Holder Stand: Carry your stands and racks along with you for a hygienic approach. Try not to place your shaving brushes and essentials on any dirty surface to avoid skin infections. Better put your shaving essentials on stands or racks for safety.

At Pearl, we have the finest collection of men’s grooming and shaving products to update your shaving this holiday season. While you can either order your pearl shaving products individually as per your need, we also have comprehensive pearl shaving sets that will complete your travel kit needs instantly. However, we also have exclusive travel shaving products for men designed for travel purpose only. You can order our men’s shaving products right from the convenience of your home and they will be delivered at your doorsteps within timeline promised. So, hurry up if you have not yet packed your shaving kit for your holiday trip.

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