Double Edge  Safety Razor L-55 Antique Brass (Close comb + Open Comb)

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  • Material: Handle made of brass metal with Premium Antique Brass
  • Heavy Brass metal safety razor with a perfect traditional look design.
  • excellent balance for shaving, and the Best grip for regular users and beginners.
  • Pearl shaving system specially designed for a close and comfortable shave
 Product Details:


  • Razor details:
  • Razor handle material: Brass metal
  • Razor head material: Zinc alloy
  • Razor head type: Close comb+ Open comb
  • Razor color: Antique Brass
  • Razor weight: 105 gm*
  • Razor total height: 105mm
  • Razor handle height 95 mm
  • Razor Head Weight: 40 Gram*
  • Razor blade Gap: 0.80 mm
Package Includes:
  • 1 Piece Safety Razor handle
  • 1 piece open comb head
  • 1 piece close comb head
  • 1 Piece Microfiber Cloth.
  • 1  10 Piece Platinum blades
  • Made in India


1 review for Double Edge  Safety Razor L-55 Antique Brass (Close comb + Open Comb)

  1. Dip shksria

    This is a heavy three-piece razor. It comes with both closed-comb and open-comb attachments. I have been using the closed comb setup for the past several months. The razor is heavy, so shaving happens without additional force. The handle needs to be screwed in, and being a screw fitting, you should thread it incorrectly. With the cheap Rs. 2.5 Gillette blade, I get three shaves. With the Rs. 10 7° Click Platinum, four shaves. Use an old toothbrush to clean the razor, dry it, and keep it in a dry place. Excellent.

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