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                  In a world full of choices, you are getting plenty of choices from razor to razor, And, from razor head to razor head also!! Yes, there is a different kind of razor heads to suit in different skin and beard. Some of them are suitable for all kind of skin and beard when some are not suitable for sensitive ones. Some may be suitable for every shaver when some may not be suitable for beginners. But, there is every kind of head types for each and every kind of shaver in the world. See through the types below to find your type!


The open comb is a much more direct shave, with many admirers considering it to be the most direct double edge razor existing. The teeth, whilst not sharp, constructively channel beard and hair to the blade, whilst allowing more lather to remain on the face. The opencomb construction allows shaving debris, bristles and lather to pass through without blocking the blade. Open combs are a more particularised products. If you have very flat whiskers and a consistent beard, but sensitive skin or if you are a seldom-shaver, then you may choose open comb razors as they can offer a cleaner shave with less effort without irritating the skin. This design is to apply more pressure to the edge of the blade compared to the usual straight bar design. They are typically more aggressive and are used for thicker and tougher beards. Ultimately, the open comb razor head has a row of teeth running in a length of the razor blade just below it. They help to guide the hair of your beard and allow the finer shave, as the blade is more exposed. Open comb razors are recommended to experienced ones only and not for beginners as the aggression level is too much to be handled by a beginner.


The word “safety” in safety razor really works in closed comb razor. It provides the safest shave among all. The bottom plate of a closed comb razor is designed with a flat edge that typically has grooves in it; it’s referred to as ‘closed’ because the safety edge has no gaps or teeth. The flat edge of the bottom plate keeps the skin stretched tightly across the bar whilst shaving, providing a ”safer” shave. A closed comb safety razor is perfect for all wet shavers, both beginners and experienced users alike. It is the razor best suited for daily basic shaving routine. Although, this is not for those who seeks greater aggression. The close comb razor has little divots along the bar, but the bar is fundamentally straight. Close comb razor minimizes the risk of nicks and cuts as its very much less aggressive.


Twist to Open Double Edge Safety Razors are decent, Prompt and safe to use. This razor uses the traditional patented “butterfly” opening mechanism to quickly change blades. You can simply twist the knob to open, insert the new blade then close so that blades can secure firmly. The butterfly opening makes it easy to facilitate cleaning and also makes us able to epilate under shower also. The butterfly safety razor utilizes an easy twist-to-open mechanism so that blade replacement becomes easier. These safety razors provide a superior shave and are nostalgic of the safety razors of the past.


Two-piece safety razors are designed to have the cutting head unbind from the rest of the razor in the sake of exchanging old blades for new ones. The cutting head has a long bar with a screw at the end that is inserted into the handle. Safety razor maintenance and cleaning is easier on the two-piece compared to other safety razors, but way more difficult than a three-piece safety razor due to the fact that the safety bar and lower headpiece is permanently attached to the handle. Two-piece safety razor has been loved by many wet shavers as the blade maintenance is quite easy. The head is made of single piece which includes a threaded rod that typically inserts into the handle between 25% and 50% down the shaft. Although, two-piece design has not as flexible moving parts as twist to open safety razor. Due to less flexibility, do not over tighten headpiece or knobs.


An adjustable razor allows you to adjust the aggressiveness of the razor by adjusting the gap between the blade and the guard. The blade gap changes the exposure of the razor blade to the skin to create a milder or a more aggressive shave. The great pro is that you can set different levels every time as per needs, you can set it as per your shaving area, on which pass you are, and on how long it’s been when you had shave and also on how much you want to shave. Adjustable razor saves you from switching out on one razor to another as you are getting all the features in one!

                At last, we advise freshers of wet shaving to start from easy ones and less aggressive, then get experience of every edge and move out from there for some great new edges. Razor head preferences varies from each skin, each beard and each ones’ endurance level, so one has enough choices to go for. Hope it helped those who is seeking their kind of head type, and kindly pass it to those who might be finding theirs.

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